Escape from Meriden result

17th to 19th November 2023

The premise of this race is to get as far away from Meriden as you can in 24hrs by foot, the distance is measured by how the crow flies with suitably sinister references to the Crow watching you on the gothic themed website.

Meriden was claimed to be the centre of England and has a Sandstone cross to say so but sadly this claim has since been disproved.

In reality you carry a GPS tracking so it’s Elon, the Russians or the CIA watching you (pick a conspiracy theory of your choice)

You get different medallions, silver, gold or black depending on how far away you get, 30, 60 or 90 miles respectively.

The furthest distance achieved was George Goodwin with 96.5 miles as the crow flies

Furthest lady was Sara Fabien with 92 miles

Strider results

Strider Matt Gibson ran 40 miles on the ground, achieved 30 miles as the crow flies, so getting his silver medal. He headed north east towards Loughborough

Full results

Everyone’s tracks

Matt’s final track

Editor’s note

If like me you had a sudden rush of blood to the head and used google maps to work out the best route from Meriden to Sheffield you will be relieved to see this screen on the registration page for 2024, apparently it sells out in minutes, who knew there were so many masochists out there


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