Forge Valley 4x1000m Relays and 5km: Life’s a Box of Chocolates

Race Date: Tuesday 18th July 2023

This was the inaugural staging of this innovative event hosted by Hillsborough and Rivelin Running Club making use of the cycle track at Forge Valley School, Stannington known to many as the location for Sheffield Running Club’s Loxley Lash 5k series.

With entries lower than anticipated (1000m is uncharted territory for many) the relays were split into just two events with separate races for the men and women. The entire course is visible from the start/finish area and we were treated to an excellent spectacle with close finishes in both races as Hillsborough won the men’s event with our ladies showing the men how it’s done winning both Senior and F55 races.  The race director apologised for the paucity of the prizes confessing that Hillsborough would lose money on the enterprise which is unfortunate and we hope that this does not deter them from putting this event on again next year.

Victorious F55 team who with the Senior Women’s team were an appreciated source of chocolates.

We are again indebted to our team managers for organising  as sorting relay teams is one of the most difficult jobs going trying to find replacements for late withdrawals. The worst scenario however is the no-show which pulls the rug right from under the feet and usually ends with some poor soul running two legs.

Naeem Stevens just getting pipped for second place.

Cat Pos Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 Total
SF 1 (1) Sian Evans 3.11 Gillian Allen 3.04 Simone Young-Alls 3.09 Abbie Pearse 3.09 12.38
SF 3 (3) Yasmine Chaffer 3.11 Emily Green 3.16 Naomi Tuckett 3.23 Sarah Moss 3.12 13.03
F35 8 (4) Katie Gill 3.25 Hannah Murton 3.57 Katrina Gillett 3.52 Claire Wren 3.39 14.55
F55 14 (1) Kate Scott 3.42 Catherine McKeown 4.02 Carol Beattie 4.57 Karen Clark 4.03 16.45
F35 16 (5) Colleen Moore 4.14 Anne Petit-Jean 4.56 Lesley Brosnan 5.51 Angela Jackson 4.39 19.41


Cat Pos Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 Total
SM 3 (2) Rob Byers 2.45 John Egginton 3.03 Sam Brown 3.03 Naeem Stevens 2.48 11.41
M35 14 (4) Paul Remmer 3.22 Malcolm Baggaley 3.16 Justin Synan 3.32 Malcolm Baggaley 3.18 13.30
M45 15 (3) Matt Rimmer 3.16 Matt Rimmer 3.13 Andrew Cawood 3.42 Paddy Treehowes 3.24 13.36
M55 22 (2) Jed Turner 3.11 Paul Bentley 3.46 Peter Brown 4.02 Kevin Haighton 4.00 14.59

Full results to be found on this link Loxley Relays 2023 Results but those who have run any of the Loxley Lash races will know that, despite what your Garmin might say, one lap is short of 1000m. So, if you think you ran a pb here then think again and put it in the drawer with your Parkrun results.

For those with the energy, the evening was rounded off with a series of graded 5km races, again on a short course, won by Rob Byers (16:03) and Abbie Pearse (17:31). Forge Valley 5km Results Chapeau to Malcom Baggaley who ran the 5km as well as two legs of the relay.

5km Race One: Sub 17:30
1 Rob Byers SM 16.03
5km Race Two: Sub 20:00
7 (1) Abbie Pearse SF 17.31
20 Malcolm Baggaley M35 18.50
24 Paddy Treehowes M45 19.24

Hillsbough’s men also treated us to some fine entertainment with an unorthodox changeover which saw their first leg runner sending their leg two man sprawling. They still recovered to win the race by 14 seconds.


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