God’s Own Backyard Ultra 5

18th – 19th November 2023

Competitors set off on the hour every hour to complete the 4.167 mile loop. They must complete the yard within the hour to enter the next hour. All competitors will DNF until the last person to finish a loop by themselves is crowned the course champion.

And the winner was…… Well, there wasn’t a winner! The last 2 remaining runners dropped out on the same yard (31), so after 129.167 miles everyone was assigned a DNF.

A personal reflection: I’m not sure that this format really suits me. I find the stress of these laps takes away some of the joy, but maybe I just haven’t got into the rhythm of them yet. I’ll almost certainly do another one, but I think I prefer the endless miles of a long race rather than the groundhog day feeling every hour of a backyard ultra.

Congratulations to Steve Blake on reaching a new distance pb of 66.6 miles.

Name Yards Miles
Steve Blake 16 66.6
Al Cook 12 50
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