God’s Own Backyard Ultra

May 20th, 2023

“God’s Own Backyard Ultra” is part of the famous “Backyard Ultra Series” and follows the same format with a chance to win a coveted place in Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra through the BYU Championship.

Competitors set off on the hour every hour to complete the 4.167 mile loop. They must complete the yard within the hour to enter the next hour. All competitors DNF until the last person to finish a loop by themselves is crowned the course champion.

The race was won by James Cooper, with 33 ‘yards’, totalling 137.5 miles. The last woman to DNF(!) was Cara Kirkness, in her first ever Backyard Ultra, with 30 ‘yards’, totalling 125 miles.

Well done to Robert Hoffman, who managed a very respectable 12 yards.

Name Yards Distance
Robert Hoffmann 12 50.14 miles
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