The Great North Run 2023 Race Report by Tony Bell and Results

Race Date: Sunday 10th September 2023
Race Report by: Tony Bell

In 1991 when I was young and fit, I ran the Great North Run and was not impressed. It took me 1h50 when I could run 1h25 for a half. The crowds of such a big race slowed me down a lot, I ran the last mile on the seafront in about 7 minutes. Thank you Mr. Foster but no thanks. Then in 2014 my work took me to Newcastle University so I ran the GNR again for the Tyneside experience, I lived a mile from the start. I ran it again in 2015 the day before I started work at Sheffield Hallam University.

I went back in 2018 for a chance to see Tyneside again. When it was announced that the 2023 GNR sponsor was to be “AJ Bell” I couldn’t turn down the opportunity of racing with my name on my race number 🙂

So off I went with my wife Shelley to see Tyneside and for me to run the GNR again. On Saturday we ran the fantastic seafront Whitley Bay parkrun, our old home parkrun. It was great to see Kate Scott at the parkrun. I just jogged round with Shelley.

Sunday morning, just like old times I took the Metro train to Newcastle University, this time I walked through the campus to the GNR start. Then it was just a matter of waiting and keeping out of the sun for as long as possible before it was time to line up.

18 minutes and 31 seconds after Mo Farah had started I finally made it to the start line. I got a decent start, I knew about the downhill to the Tyne Bridge, I also knew it would start to get more crowded after that and my pace started to slow. It gradually got warmer and warmer and I was pretty tired by halfway. I was still passing more than were passing me. It started to get harder by 10 miles and it was a struggle in from 11 miles, now more were passing me than I was passing. My right knee was very sore after the steep downhill to the sea front, the last mile took a bit more than 7 minutes but I ran in to the end.

Very tired on finishing in a personal worst time of 1h55.00. It was not a day for fast times. The warm weather suddenly got cooler just before the end, I was feeling a bit chilled in the post-finish area, glad to get to the baggage buses and some warmer clothes.

It was good to come back to Tyneside again and run this race, I raised some money for Sheffield Cats Shelter.

Tony ran alongside 23 other Striders. Here are all the Striders results:
Position Name Category Time
1057 Darren Barnett M45-49 01:32:35
1141 Rob Funnell M20-34 01:33:17
1148 Oliver Carlisle M40-44 01:33:17
1312 Robert Hoffman M45-49 01:34:35
1695 Malcolm Baggaley M40-44 01:37:09
5637 Russell Stevenson M45-49 01:51:09
7304 Anthony bell M60-64 01:55:00
8107 Kate Scott F55-59 01:56:38
11945 Steve Yeoman M44-49 02:03:57
13861 Chris Rittey M65-69 02:07:25
18857 Rebecca Robson F45-49 02:15:51
20622 Rachael Hyman F40-44 02:18:50
21968 Melanie English F44-49 02:21:01
24122 Rosie Smith F35-39 02:24:35
24121 Christopher Smith M50-54 02:24:35
24983 Grace Johnson F20-34 02:26:03
28785 Billy Costello M50-54 02:33:11
29397 Katie West F50-54 02:34:32
30969 Rachel Morrison F50-54 02:38:09
32917 Stephen Schubeler M40-44 02:42:58
32928 Clare Kidney F45-49 02:42:59
37279 Gillian Pearson F65-69 02:56:34
40023 Michael Ingham M70-74 03:10:31
41679 Chris Harvey M55-59 03:25:01

The full results can be viewed here.

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