Grindleford Gallop: Results and report by Roger Walters

Race date: 14th October 2023

This was the scene on the original date for this race back in March hence the postponement to October

For many of us I suspect this meant forgetting we had a place until a couple of weeks before, who needs a structured training plan, it’s only a 21 mile hilly off road race! There were lots of numbers being returned in the weeks before the race so places were available right up to the week of the race.

The race was run on a beautiful clear crisp day with the rain holding off to the afternoon. Conditions underfoot were reasonable with the first hill not being freshly ploughed as it has been before.

Course marking was clear and there were plenty of friendly marshalls but no aid stations after Hassop. Jane Evans and Helen Eberlin managed their usual trick of repeatedly popping up round the course to cheer on.

I had an unexpectedly better day than anticipated finishing 15 mins faster than last year, so maybe the winging it on the day thing works, I did have help from Ben Heller in the last 2 miles who I tried to keep up with when he came past looking annoyingly fresh

p.s not all Striders wanted to be photographed, I tried to hide in the toilet but they waiting for me


Carla Gibbons 3:01:04 from Hillsborough and Rivelin Running Club

Henry Webb 2:29:56 from Dark Peak Fell Runners

16 striders ran, first back was Ben Jones in 2:55:44

14 Ben Jones 2:55:44 Senior
51 Warren Brown 3:22:06 V50
52 Nigel Barnes 3:22:10 V50
111 Nick Burns 3:42:04 V50
112 Chris Walker 3:42:26 V40
134 Christopher Brown 3:50:34 Senior
146 Ben Heller 3:54:19 V50
149 Roger Walters 3:54:23 V50
150 Pippa Powell 3:54:31 V40
173 Matt Gibson 4:03:48 V40
174 Neal Pates 4:03:49 V50
211 John Rowlinson 4:20:42 V50
240 Steve Blake 4:34:48 V40
254 Sally Twigg 4:39:12 V40
288 Brian Jenkins 4:59:38 V50
296 Laura Rangeley 5:09:17 Senior

Full  results

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