Hell on the Humber – report by Sarah Storey

Race Date: Saturday 2nd December 2023


This is the final instalment of the Hell on the Humber series of runs for the year, well I say run………this was actually a long long walk The run starts at 12 noon so I got my husband to drive me there and the plan was to catch the train back home with my oldest lad. So off we set dropping the middle child at Meadowhall for work. On our way to Hessle the weather looked like it was going to play nicely but when we got to the other side of Doncaster we hit a wall of fog which stayed for the rest of the journey. Usually, a few miles out, the bridge looms in the background for all to see but that wasn’t the case today. Arriving I went to collect my number, have a pee and then sat back in the car to get warm.

At the race brief we were warned about the dangers of the bridge as it was starting to ice over, visibility was very bad and the ice that had formed on the wires was starting to fall down so I made the only decision that any normal person would make and that was to forfeit running for a leisurely walk. A decision that a lot of others had made. Only the absolutely insane person would have decided to run. At 3pm the weather hadn’t improved any, so Karl the race director, made the decision to let people collect their medal and finishers shirt, however, I decided to keep going up to 4:40pm where I called it a day finishing with a miserable16 miles, my worst miles on the bridge ever.I had earlier phoned my poor husband to pick me back up as my son had let me know that the good old railway system had already cancelled the train home.

Running all four bridge runs has been on my bucket list since I first set foot up there in 2018 however something has always happened to prevent this happening, 2023 however, was my year to achieve this.

I’m sorry this isn’t a running report but although it was a miserable day, the camaraderie between the competitors and support from the volunteers and other athletes is something different and you don’t get it in an everyday road race

Most laps were completed by Gary Pawson and Lizzie Nairn, they both did 10 laps, 40 miles.

Lizzie Nairn also holds the course record for completing 136 miles in a special 36 hour event back in 2019.

Striders result

Name Number of Laps Distance
Sarah Storey 4 16

Full results (click on HoHo Hoth 2023)


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