Holymoorside 10k Result & Report

Race Date: Sunday 7th May 2023

Race Report by Jo Gleig

Holymoorside is, to my mind, the sibling race of the Dronfield Town 10k.

And as you can’t show favouritism between siblings, I had to enter them both. There are of course differences- Holymoorside is all on road and has the famous second half downhill that becomes many runners’ PB for a 5k. And it has an indoor village hall for toilets, bags, and cakes.

But they are the same time of year, the same distance and the same friendly atmosphere, with a finish cantering round a playing field. They also both start with a fun run and serve tasty food.

Striders in the sunshine at Holymoorside

This year Holymoorside only had eight striders in attendance (of which 6 were at Dronfield last week, so must have similar feelings to me about non favouritism of races!).

I arrived with Nada, we risked parking in a slightly soggy field car park, as the marshall said he would definitely get us out if I got stuck. He was nowhere to be seen at the end of course. It was the first hottish race of the season though, so the ground had dried out a bit by the end.

It was great to see Neil Schofield and Paul Stuart at the top of the hill, cheering and taking photos, and Peter Brash towards the end taking finishing photos. I thought I’d gone up the hill pretty well with only minor walking, but it was a little bit slower than last time, oh well, you can never tell really! Maybe it was Hot. Prime excuse of the summer!

Determined Dot powers to a category win

Dot Kesterton won the V70s for Striders. The first man was Tom Shaw of Dronfield RC in 35:37, and the first woman was Caitlin Bradbury of Beeston AC in 43:49

215 runners took part in the race.

Striders Results

P Name Cat Cat P Time
40 Paddy Treehowes M50 6 00:48:02
59 Dot Kesterton F70 1 00:50:22
68 John Liddle M50 13 00:51:21
95 Martin Downham M60 6 00:54:14
115 Kevin Haighton M60 9 00:55:51
161 Nada Ross F50 11 01:00:43
167 Caroline Brash F40 15 01:02:13
181 Jo Gleig F60 6 01:04:14

Full results can be found on the Holymoorside 10k website.

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