Loxley Lash 5k – #2

The Loxley Lash race series is a very competitive and accurately measured 5km series comprising of 3 races with different heats for different paces, taking place on a flat Cycling Track at Forge Valley Sports Centre.

Wednesday 7th June 2023

Loxley Lash #2 took place on the 7th June, and was my first ‘Lash’. Colin Hardy has been going on about them for ages, saying how good they are, and he’s usually right about important stuff like this (vest is best, Pot Noodle is the food of the Gods etc.), so I thought I’d give it a go. Also, it’s also only a 10 minute jog from my house, so I had no excuse.

The evening is split into 3 different events – sub 17, sub 20, and 20+. I don’t really do much speed work but like to think of myself as a sub 20 minute 5k runner, so opted for the second race, hoping to slipstream my way to a decent time.

I arrived just in time to see the end of the sub 17 minute event, registered (yes, you can register on the night), and sheepishly put on my carbon road shoes (yes, I own a pair of road shoes!). The whole event had a very relaxed feel about it, so there was plenty of time to warm up and chat before heat 2 started.

I lined up at the back of the group, and cruised around the first of the 5 and a bit laps, eventually settling into the middle of a nice little Strider train of Yasmine, Will, and Chris. I should probably apologise to Yasmine at this point, as I’ve spent most of this year slip-streaming her. I promise I’ll do my turn at the front at some point! There’s something very wonderful about being in a train of runners, as you reel in a competitor, and then all glide past. It makes everything seem so much easier.

The next race is on Wednesday 5th July, and is part of the Road Championships, so it should be a busy night.

Pos. Name Time
5th Rob Byers 16:16
9th Paul Middlemas 16:38
10th Naeem Stevens 16:38
20th Andrew Sharpe 17:35
23rd Abbie Pearse 17:39
33rd Sarah Moss 19:05
38th Will Hitchmough 19:35
39th Al Cook 19:36
42nd Christopher Johnson 19:43
44th Yasmine Chaffer 19:46
48th Ian Stinson 20:10
52nd Emily Green 20:41
61st Paul Bentley 22:24
62nd Jamie Smith 22:34
65th Lindsey Banks 23:45
66th Katrina Gillet 23:47
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