Loxley Lash 5k – #3

Wednesday 5th July 2023

The Loxley Lash race series is a very competitive and accurately measured 5km series comprising of 3 races with different heats for different paces, taking place on a flat Cycling Track at Forge Valley Sports Centre.

The evening is usually split into 3 different events – sub 17, sub 20, and 20+, but with 119 runners turning out, including 48 Striders, the sub 20 heat was split into 2 rounds. This was the final Lash of the year, so make sure you signup for next year’s series.

PBs aren’t listed in the results, so shout-up in the FB comments section to receive your well deserved praise.

Pos. Name Time Cat. Cat. Pos.
11th Ryan Sheppeck 16:50 MSEN 10th
12th Naeem Stevens 16:50 MSEN 11th
14th Robert Byers 16:57 MSEN 13th
17th Luke Mair 17:03 MSEN 15th
20th Seth Kirby 17:15 MSEN 18th
21st Liam Brennan 17:22 MSEN 19th
27th Michael Cockings 17:49 MV40 3rd
36th Caroline Brock 18:51 FV35 2nd
42nd Simone Young-Alls 18:55 FSEN 1st
47th Annie Chambers 19:15 FSEN 2nd
48th John Eggington 19:18 MSEN 27th
49th Chris Johnson 19:19 MV40 10th
52nd Michael Richardson 19:28 MV45 7th
53rd Al Cook 19:29 MV50 2nd
55th Chris Boland 19:35 MSEN 28th
57th Darren Barnett 19:41 MV45 8th
60th Lucy Broom 19:57 FV45 1st
61st Ian Stinson 20:08 MV50 8th
63rd Paddy Treehowes 20:16 MV55 1st
64th Harry Browne 20:23 MSEN 31st
65th Ellen Broad 20:32 FSEN 3rd
72nd Emily Green 20:42 FSEN 4th
73rd Robert Byers 20:44 MSEN 34th
74th Steve Blake 20:46 MV45 10th
75th Claire Grisdale 20:48 FV40 4th
77th Adam McAuley 20:57 MV50 5th
80th Robin Nelson 21:08 MV45 11th
81st Michael Cambell 21:09 MSEN 36th
83rd Katie Gill 21:15 F35 5th
84th Kathy Liddiard 21:17 F35 6th
85th Claire Wren 21:18 F35 7th
87th Jacqui Herring 21:34 FV50 1st
88th Pete McCoy 21:44 MV45 12th
93rd Katrina Gillet 22:23 FV35 8th
94th James Lawrence 22:30 MV40 13th
95th Paul Bentley 22:41 MV65 1st
97th Kevin Wong 23:13 MV45 14th
99th Kevin Haighton 23:55 MV60 1st
101st Karen Clark 24:03 FV55 1st
102nd Lindsey Banks 24:09 FV45 3rd
104th Hannah Murton 24:30 FV35 10th
107th Ashley Card 24:54 MSEN 38th
108th Dave Beech 24:54 MV65 3rd
111th Simon Gleadhall 25:58 MV55 5th
112th Clive Downing 26:27 MV60 2nd
113th Eleanor Bull 27:04 FSEN 7th
115th Jo Gleig 27:20 FV60 1st
118th Anne Petit-Jean 30:06 FV40 6th
119th Hannah Wright 31:51 FV35 11th
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