Monsal Trail 10k and Half Marathon

Race Date : Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April 2023

Report by Ryan Talley

The 10k and the HM were repeated both the Saturday and the Sunday.

I usually race on a Sunday like most sensible people but my wife booked the race and although it was April 1st, I was pretty sure it wasn’t a joke. It was dry and cool which for me are perfect conditions. Parking was easy, as the Saturday race was a smaller event than the Sunday. It was well organised at the start, they set the Half Marathon off at 10am and the 10k 10 minutes later. Monsal trail rises steadily on the way out and subsequently is downhill back, the turn around point is in the 1st tunnel. I took it steady on the way out and pushed a bit on the way back. Not a pb for me at 49.31 but they gave me MV55 1st place. This is where the organisation took a downturn, after looking at the results on Sunday afternoon I realised that there were 2 MV55 runners that came in before me and looking at the little award they gave me I realised it was for the Half Marathon (considering there were only 104 runners, I’m not sure how they managed to get it so wrong). I’ve messaged them to try and straighten it out. One other slight problem is that they put the finish flag 20 yards before the chip mat so loads of people stopped running early, don’t worry though as plenty of us screamed ’keep going!!’ To the confused runners. All in all and easy course, great weather, friendly atmosphere and slightly chaotic finish made for an enjoyable morning. Not forgetting an awesome breakfast sandwich at Hassop after to ruin all the good work! 

On Sunday 6 more Striders ran the HM and it seemed any timing and finish issues had been resolved.  Striders earned both blingy medals and some silverware, although it seemed to be a bit self-service on the presentation front.    Very well done Nicole and Dave.  Everyone enjoyed the jaffa cakes.

8 Striders ran over the 2 days.  The winners of the Saturday 10k were Rachael Lewis (WSen, Black Pear Joggers) in 50:17, and Mark Robinson (MSen, unattached) in 34:44.  Winners of the Saturday HM were Caroline Warrington (WV45 from Bromsgrove and Redditch AC) in 1:27:30, and Charles Bell (MSen, North Derbyshire) in 1:12:47)

On Sunday the winners were 10k Simon Mayes (West End Runners MSen) in 35:35, and Sarah Heath (MV40 Unattached) in 43:41.  The Half Marathon was won by Ruper Allison (MSen of Harrow AC) in 1:12:59, and by Ali Hoyle (FSen, Unattached) in 1:26:57


Pos Cat Cat Pos Time
10k race Saturday
9 Ryan Talley MV55 3 49:31:00
Half Marathon Saturday
81 Karen Clark FV50 3 01:51:04
Half Marathon Sunday
24 Daniel Bent MV40 2 01:30:51
58 Alison Barrett FV45 3 01:40:43
74 Dave Beech MV65 1 01:43:47
144 Matt Robinson MV40 23 01:55:48
202 Nicole Nield FV65 1 02:05:49
262 Phil Barrett MV60 9 02:24:31

Saturday Results

Sunday Results The Monsal Trail Half Marathon & 10k Sunday | Nice Work Race Management (

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