National Cross Country Relays – Results

4th November Mansfield

A very muddy and wet race by all reports at Berry Hill Park. There were 177 senior mens teams and 130 senior womens teams.

Race distances were:

Women’s race 3 times 3km

Men’s race 4 times 5km

There was a very close sprint finish for first place in the senior mens, whilst the winning senior womens team won by a comfortable margin

Winning Teams

Women’s Senior – Belgrave Harriers 30:11:50

Men’s Senior – Cambridge and Coleridge AC 1:02:04

Strider’s results

Mens Team A position 124, Team B which was not complete was in position 157

Womens Team A position 38, Team B position 87

Individual Times

Team Leg Time
Sam Needham Men A Leg 1 20:41
Ian Stinson Men A Leg 2 22:53
Al Cook Men A Leg 3 22:28
Malcolm Baggaley Men A Leg 4 21:10
Adam Connellan Men B Leg 1 21:22
Ben Baxendale Men B Leg 2 21:37
Chris Lawson Men B Leg 3 19:44
Yasmine Chaffer Woman A Leg 2 13:06
Simone Young-Alls Woman A Leg 3 12:06
Caroline Brock Woman A Leg 1 11:46
Carol Beattie Woman B Leg 1 18:26
Josie Hill Woman B Leg 2 14:05
Laura Rangeley Woman B Leg 3 15:29

Full results: here

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