Northern Athletics XC Championships 2023 Results

Race Date: Saturday 28th January 2023

This year Blackburn Harriers hosted the Northern Athletics XC at Witton Park.

Striders hired a mini bus to get the team to and from the event, although it looked like the return journey was in jeopardy at one point!

Mud appeared to be the main theme of the day, with the men getting the worst of it as the final event. It looks like everyone had a great time from the smiles in the photos, and there were certainly some great times posted in the races.  Well done all!

Photos courtesy of Caroline Brock and Des Ryan.

Link to full results here.


First was Philippa Williams (Hallamshire Harriers) in 27:11.

The Striders’ ladies’ team was placed 9th – an excellent result.

Individual results:

Pos Name Time
22 Abbie Pearse 00:30:27
53 Caroline Brock 00:32:15
69 Sarah Thorne 00:33:14
125 Claire Grisdale 00:37:08
176 Dorothy Kesterton 00:40:15
186 Kate Scott 00:40:42
238 Carol Beattie 00:47:37


SENIOR MEN (11.5k)
First was Joe Steward (Salford Harriers & AC) in 36:17.

The Striders’ men’s team was placed 24th – another excellent result.

Individual results:

Pos Name Time
137 Robert Byers 00:42:50
164 Seth Kirby 00:43:42
253 James Wilkins 00:46:30
287 Richard Carter 00:47:57
376 Wei Chen 00:52:00
390 Ian Stinson 00:52:38
463 Des Ryan 00:58:06
485 Richard Pegg 01:02:55






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