Riga half marathon result

Race Date: Sunday 1st October 2023

Age is no barrier, and so it proves with Graham Goff’s awesome performance in this year’s Riga half marathon. Graham stormed to an MV 75-79 age category victory in a blistering time of 1.42.12. Fantastic runnig Graham. Well done.

Here’s the race blurb:

When developing the Half-Marathon course of the World Athletics Road Running Championships in Riga, we wanted it to be fast, pretty, compact, and accessible. So here we go!

The start and finish area – the Embankment – is the Gate to Old Riga and is right on the main river Daugava. It’s wide, spacious, and in the heart of the city making it easily accessible for Championship runners, fans, and spectators!

Right after the start we cross the Akmens tilts (Stone Bridge), allowing perfect UNESCO Heritage Old Riga Views, and head to Pārdaugava, the other bank of river Daugava, known for its contrasting architecture combining the National Library, wooden architecture, and skyscrapers with romantic gems like Dzegužkalns, the Cuckoo Hill.

We return to Old Riga over Vanšu bridge (Suspension Bridge) offering a spectacular Panorama of the City. The good news is that Vanšu bridge and Stone bridge are pretty much the only hills on the course since the rest of Riga is pretty flat.

The compact course includes most of Riga’s central landmarks making it exciting not just for participants, but spectators. National Museum of Arts. National Theatre. The Monument of Freedom and the very central avenue of Riga – Freedom Street. Before finishing off – the world-famous Art Noveau architecture on Elizabeth street.

The male race was won by Ademe Cuneo in 1.03.03. The women’s race was won by Michaela Cesaro in 1.16.50.

Striders results:

Pos Name Cat Time
703 Graham Goff MV 75-79 1.42.12

Full results: here

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