Round Sheffield Run – Winter Edition 2023

Neil Schofield. Photo courtesy of Dom Worrall/Round Sheffield Run

Race date: 8 January 2023

This year’s winter RSR took place in good-for-January weather, though it was a bit muddy underfoot (Number 7 on the Bristol Scale, as one not-to-be-named Strider put it). Striders had a field day, winning the mixed pair (Abbie Pearse and Daniel Bent) and the female V60 and male V50 categories (Nicky Rafferty and Neil Schofield respectively).

Female Pair

P Name Time
6th Laura Mella/Kathryn Liddiard 01:39:09
16th Cara Hanson/Jemma Anderson 01:55:21
30th Emma Kingston/Victoria Muscroft 02:03:50
43rd Louise Kelly/Emily Mackness 02:06:49
91st Lucy Mottram/Laura Fletcher 02:29:43
92nd Catherine Needham/Rachael Hyman 02:30:37
109th Nicole Brown/Nesta Humphries 02:44:05

Male Pair

P Name Time
48th Ryan Talley/Steve Blake 01:57:40
50th Martin Lane/Kevin Corke 01:57:59
74th Liam Russell/Ed Williams 02:09:40
91st Simon Gleadhall/James Eberlin 02:35:04

Mixed Pair

P Name Time
1st Abbie Pearse/Daniel Bent 01:18:30
3rd Caroline Brock/James Fulcher 01:23:14
6th MattRimmer/Simone Young-Als 01:26:50
12th Yasmine Chaffer/Will Hitchmough 01:34:02
13th Annie Chambers/Thomas Ashfield 01:34:37
29th Claire Wren/Des Ryan 01:49:46
40th Tessa Bainbridge/Malcolm Baggaley 01:54:18
50th Ben Cooper/Jude Stone 01:56:41
87th Matt Broadhead/Elin Reeves 02:11:37
98th Laura Rangeley/Christopher Smith 02:14:24
136th Kevin Haighton/Emily Haighton 02:27:20
152nd Abi Norman/Gareth Norman 02:35:31

Female Senior

P Name Time
40th Katrina Gillett 01:56:42
46th Angharad Guy 01:58:59
50th Sally Twigg 01:59:50
58th Cathy Harris 02:01:29
62nd Hannah Murton 02:01:58
75th Lisi Briggs 02:05:50
93rd Sophie McKie 02:08:03


P Name Time
4th Jessica Brooks 01:39:03
12th Hannah Milton 01:50:22
16th Pippa Powell 01:51:01
34th Sarah Percival 01:58:36
43rd Giulia Neri 02:01:04
54th Katelyn McKeown 02:04:03
91st Lindsey Banks 02:09:54


P Name Time
16th Caroline Greenough 01:57:07
21st Karen Clark 02:00:48
33rd Helen Green 02:06:09
35th Nada Ross 02:08:21
56th Jane Huws 02:19:03


P Name Time
1st Nicola Rafferty 01:45:42
3rd Dot Kesterton 01:52:24
9th Jo Gleig 02:25:44

Male Senior

P Name Time
3rd James Wilkins 01:14:35
44th Lee Kenton 01:32:55
51st Andrew Sharpe 01:34:03
60th Sam Ainscough 01:36:16
91st Jim Rangeley 01:42:08
99th= Christopher Brown 01:43:21
236th Richard Bailey-Jones 02:35:38


Pos Name Time
11th Darren Barnett 01:24:19
26th Richard Carter 01:31:31
28th Oliver Carlisle 01:31:52
48th= Robert Hoffmann 01:38:44
52nd Justin Synan 01:39:34
60th Ben Corrigan 01:41:53
79th Paul Johnson 01:45:59
89th James Grinham 01:47:03
108th Steve Yeoman 01:51:20
116th Richard Smith 01:52:45
121st Chris Roberts 01:53:24
124th Richard Hart 01:54:23
130th= Matt Robinson 01:55:04
142nd Kevin Wong 01:57:26
167th Joel Driver 02:03:10
210th James Norton 02:20:09
216th Humphrey Fu 02:22:09


P Name Time
1st Neil Schofield 01:19:56
13th David Naisbitt 01:33:12
18th Roger Walters 01:36:57
28th Ben Heller 01:40:13
31st Steve Haake 01:41:21
34th Neal Pates 01:42:14
41st Nick Burns 01:45:24
45th Simon Chatten 01:46:45
56th Andy Green 01:51:49
75th Tom Nuttgens 01:56:25
110th Brian Jenkins 02:07:55


P Name Time
5th Rob Martin 01:39:53
7th David Bocking 01:41:33
14th David Beech 01:47:43
28th John Marsh 02:04:23
29th Mark Jackson 02:04:29
32nd Martin Downham 02:07:13
34th David Bennett 02:08:28
38th Dave Threlfall 02:11:47
43rd Chris White 02:13:58

Full race results:

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