Run Jump Throw 8th August

Race Date: Tues 8th August 2023

The latest event in the RJT Series, held at Woodbourne Stadium, saw great performances from the 9 Striders who attended with both Louis Wood and Caroline Brock getting PBs.    Photos show how close the sprint finish was, for the mile, between Caroline and Yasmine.

Event Position Name Result
Long Jump 5 Louis Wood M 4.44m
400m 7 Kate Scott F 1:15.10
800m 6 Jed Turner M 2:27.31
3000m 5 Louis Wood M 10:37.00
6 Caroline Brock F 10:42.39
8 Sam Brown M 11:35.11
9 Peter Brown M 12:55.04
1 Mile 2 Naeem Stevens M 4:48.35
4 Seth Kirby M 4:50.74
6 Caroline Brock F 5:34.89
7 Yasmine Chaffer F 5:34.95

Full results here (3) Run Jump Throw Results and Info | Facebook



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