Sheffield Way Relay and Ultra result

Race Date: Sunday 17th September 2023

Firstly, massive thanks need to go to Steve Haake for stepping in as race director at reasonably short notice. Without his sterling efforts, we would have been unable to run the event this year. Also, big thanks to outgoing Run Director, Andy Green, who’s organised race and course notes made the transition relatively smooth. Finally, thanks to the small band of volunteers who helped ensure the race ran smoothly and safely. On a personal note, I was gutted not to be able to take part for the first time since 2015. I’ll be back to run the Ultra next year.

Speaking of Ultras, well done to Strider, Adam Connellan for completing the whole route in 8.58.12. Only 2 runners for the self supported ultra this year, the other being ex-Strider Andy Davies, who got round in a very respectable 8.09.17. Well done Andy.

Onto the relays and there were 19 teams entered, of which 3 were Striders teams. The winning Striders team was Zebedee and Friends in 6.53.09. Well done to the following team members:

Leg Name Cat Time
1 Laura Mella/Kathy Liddiard Mixed 1.23.33
2 Robin Nelson/Claire Wren Mixed 1.42.07
3 Neil Schofield/Michael Richardson Mixed 1.03.20
4 Colin Hardy/Nicola Ross Mixed 1.24.25
5 Emily Green/Annie Chambers Mixed 1.19.41

Second placed Striders team was the imaginatively named Steel City Striders 1 team, also in the mixed category and finishing in 7.03.39. Well done to the following runners:

Leg Name Cat Time
Leg 1 Martin Lane/Kevin Corke Mixed 1.41.33
Leg 2 Adam McAuley/Ben Jones Mixed 1.36.07
Leg 3 Caroline Brock/Simone Young-Alls Mixed 0.57.11
Leg 4 Ian Stinson/Joel Kesterton Mixed 1.21.39
Leg 5 Peter McCoy/Robert Hale Mixed 1.27.07

And finally, the third Striders team, Steel City Striders 2 (we need to get Rachel Rea’s kids on the job of naming these teams) finished in 8.59.13, competing in the Open category. Well done to the following runners:

Leg Name Cat Time
Leg 1 Ann-Marie Mulvey/Jamie Manton Open 1.49.04
Leg 2 Steve Blake/Cara Hanson Open 1.49.48
Leg 3 Mandy Taylor/Emily Jones Open 1.19.03
Leg 4 Laura Rangeley/Vikki McAuley Open 1.59.51
Leg 5 Katelyn Mckeown/Anne Petit-Jean Open 2.03.34

This event is usually held on the 3rd Sunday in September so pencil in Sunday 15th September 2024. It’s a brilliant Striders event. If you don’t want to run it, can you volunteer?

Well done to overall winners, HRRC Men’s A in 5.43.15 and Totley Spinach, the women’s winners, in 6.34.15.

Full results: Results Sheffield_Way_Relay 2023-09-17 16_12



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