Sherwood Pines 5k and 10k – November 26th

Sherwood Pines 5k and 10k

Report by Chris Ireland

This was one of those Covid races that started out as a summer half marathon in Derbyshire in 2020 and through a series of cancellations and transfers eventually became a pre-Christmas 5k and 10k in Sherwood Forest three years later.

Three Striders made it to the start line I believe (apologies if I have missed anyone) with Chris Newman and Rosie Andrew taking on the two laps of the 10k and me doing the one lap 5k event as a pre-Percy Pud sharpener.

Temperatures were close to zero as we lined up at the start but there was very little wind and the forest paths were generally dry and surprisingly soft in places.  The race distances were “generous” – I clocked 3.3 miles for my 5k, and my wife, with a bit of weaving in and out of other runners, made it 3.5. It wasn’t a course for quick times.

The 5k and 10k events started together.  After the initial surge I settled down behind a man from Wreake and Soar Valley and his young daughter, Anna,  running together in the top few places.  I overtook them after half a mile and moved into fourth position, thinking she would probably pay later on for her initial exuberance.  Well, maybe.   After that, not much happened really.  We ran uphill for 2k and downhill for 2k and then headed for the end of the first lap.  The two runners ahead of me carried on to do the 10k. I made the turn for home and took second place in the 5k.

I had just about picked up my post-race mince pie when the man from Wreake and Soar Valley arrived, followed very shortly afterwards by his daughter, who easily won the women’s category.  She turned out to be an under 13 girl with very impressive 2.27 800m and 5.04 1500m times to her name – definitely one to watch for the future.

Chris and Rosie completed the full two laps of the 10k, which by all accounts was also over-distance.  Rosie improved on her time in the Sheffield 10k with 48.34, taking fourth place in the women’s category.  Chris ran 50.30, finishing second in the M60 category.  Both will go significantly faster on a flatter, firmer (and more accurate) course.

A pleasant enough event, and, judging by the medal and the mince pies, it seems like Christmas has begun.

Distance Position Name Age Category Time
2 Chris Ireland M60 20.39
43 Rosie Andrew SW 48.34
56 Chris Newman M60 50.30

Full results: here

The 5k was won by Matty Martinez from Birstall in 17.30.  The 10k was wone by Neil Kennedy from Mansfield Harriers in 38.33.




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