St Luke’s Hospice Charity Fundraiser report by Ady Good

Event Date: Sunday 28th May 2023

So not really a race report but a little write up about my St Lukes Hospice charity Fundraiser event.

I lost my sister In law Rebecca last year 20th June to bowel cancer. She was only 43 years old. St Lukes were looking after her for the last few months of her life. My brother tells me how amazing they were with both of them and are still supporting him a year on. I decided that I would love to thank St Lukes on their behalf, and of course all the other families they have helped through the tough times. I signed up for the Yorkshire Marathon which I will be doing on 15th October and have a JustGiving page for this. If anyone if interested in donating please contact me. I had seen and attended a few charity 6 hour endurance events that Chris Smith and Cara Hanson had arranged, so I had a word with them about setting one up for St Luke’s Hospice and they kindly agreed to help out. I decided to hold it at my local parkrun course which is Sheffield Castle at Manor Fields park on City Road and decided to hold it on May Bank Holiday on the Sunday 28th May 10am until 4pm.

Posters were made and advertised wherever I could get away with putting them up.

Big thank you to Norma Parkes who very kindly handed hundreds out the weekend before my event at the Dronfield 10k.I didn’t sleep well the night before thinking what if no one turns up luckily people did.

I arrived at Manor Fields park just after 8:30am and Chris and Cara were already setting up the marquee and refreshments. I had a walk around the course with my daughter to chalk out the route, for people who know Sheffield Castle parkrun you will know about heartbreak hill which I decided to go down instead of up, then it was a long incline but the least steepest climb I could find in the park. The lap measured 0.97 miles so was happy.

People started to arrive and by the start we had around 20 people. After a short speech I was asked to lead the group round the first lap.

The event was a 6 hr endurance running event but obviously you didn’t have to do the full 6 hours, you did as much or as little as you wanted and as I did, had breaks throughout the day. People kept coming and by the end we had over 50 people and I managed to raise £340

A great effort by Adam Connellan who managed 31 laps.

Other than the marathon, I’m working on other ways to raise money for such an amazing charity. I’m hoping to sort a raffle out as I have some great prizes. I’m also still planning a charity night out at the Dogs on Friday 22nd September, tickets would be £5 and that includes entry, a programme and 1 free drink. Again if anyone is interested in this let me know as I need to book the tickets.

Massive thank you to everyone who helped me set this event up and to all the runners/walkers that came along. I have attached a photo of full results and a few pics of the day.

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