Steel City Trail 10 – Porter Brook result

Race Date: Sunday 19th November 2023

Getting up when it’s cold and dark outside to set up a race course is not easy. However, once I’d run down to Forge cafe and was splashing around in the mud, sticking flags into the soggiest terrain I could find, life seemed a little more pleasant. I was even more grateful for the rain holding off until the course was set up and the runners could get drenched instead of me! I had visions of previous versions of this route when I have completely soaked to the skin.

There were 53 brave souls who ventured out to run the course – some of these then popped over to Rotherham for the XC – extra kudos indeed. The men’s race was won by Adrien Gallet of ShUOC in 41.28. The female race was won by Chloe Potter of Hallamshire Harriers in 46.26.

Massive thanks to all the volunteers to braved the weather and stood in exposed areas for a considerable amount of time to ensure everyone could race – you’re all wonderful.

Striders Results and volunteers:

Pos First Name Second Name Cat Time Cat Position
13 Thomas Rogers Male 00:48:33 12
21 Ben Baxendale Male 00:50:44 17
23 Phil Gregory Male 00:51:19 19
25 Joel Kesterton Male 00:51:53 20
27 Russell Stevenson Male 00:52:50 22
31 Chris Boland Male 00:56:43 26
32 Diarmuid Cooper Male 00:57:02 27
34 Alexander Briggs Male 00:58:19 29
39 Ruth Alderson Female 01:09:56 9
42 Dave Beech Male 01:11:45 31
51 Ben Heller Male 01:31:11 35
52 Roger Walters Male 01:34:33 36
Tail Runner Roger Walters
Tail Runner Ben Heller
Marshall Ruth Tucker
Marshall Sarah-Jane Brown
Marshall Dimitrios Mamalopoulos
Marshall Emily Green
Marshall Kate Scott
Marshall Malcolm Baggaley
Course Set up David Bocking
Course Set up Nick Burns
Timekeeping Jo Gleig
Timekeeping Hannah Wright

Full results: here

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