Striders 10k results

Race Date: Friday 11th August 2023

The Striders 10k is back! Weirdly out of a club of nearly 700, there was less than a 10% turnout for this free running and social event. Those who went had a wonderful time and hopefully we’ll get a better turn out next year.

Big thanks to race organisers Richard Pegg and Neil Schofield and to the whole team of volunteers who made the evening run very smoothly

Overall, including guests from other clubs, there were 71 runners, 59 first claim Striders and a few second claim. The male race was won by Liam Brennan in 37.46. The women’s race was won by Ellen Broad in 44.46.

Striders Results:

Pos Name Time
P0001 Liam Brennan 00:37:46
P0002 Adam Connellan 00:39:47
P0003 Rob Dawson 00:40:53
P0004 Ben Jones 00:41:04
P0008 Ben Elliott 00:43:51
P0009 Joshua Chapman 00:44:06
P0010 Jed Turner 00:44:15
P0011 David Wilson 00:44:35
P0012 Darrel Porter 00:44:40
P0013 Ellen Broad 00:44:46
P0015 Martin Clark 00:45:13
P0016 Naomi Tuckett 00:45:47
P0017 Paddy Treehowes 00:45:56
P0018 Robin Nelson 00:46:24
P0020 Martin Greenough 00:46:41
P0021 Maz Kaczmarczyk 00:47:43
P0023 Jacqui Herring 00:48:20
P0024 Steve Blake 00:48:28
P0025 Ian Black 00:48:48
P0026 Andy Hinchliffe 00:49:15
P0027 Caroline Greenough 00:49:51
P0028 Martin Downham 00:50:09
P0029 Martin Hughes 00:50:35
P0030 Mariama Tushermeriirwe 00:50:46
P0031 Josie Hill 00:50:56
P0033 Roger walters 00:51:15
P0034 John Liddle 00:51:33
P0035 Dave Beech 00:51:45
P0036 John Rawlinson 00:51:52
P0037 Helen Royles Jones 00:52:15
P0038 Victoria Johnson 00:52:15
P0039 Mandy Taylor 00:52:19
P0040 Karen Clark 00:52:40
P0042 Gerry Rowland 00:54:26
P0043 Tony Bell 00:55:58
P0044 Brian Jenkins 00:56:05
P0045 Richard Lewis 00:56:30
P0047 Chris Rittey 00:56:38
P0048 Richard Eastall 00:57:10
P0049 Rachel Anderson 00:58:10
P0050 Joel Driver 00:58:29
P0051 Clive Downing 00:58:35
P0052 Louise Rowley 00:58:38
P0054 Chris Reece 00:59:22
P0055 Fran Marshall 00:59:50
P0056 Meg Hughes 00:59:55
P0057 Gareth Tilbury 01:00:37
P0059 Mark Loader 01:01:29
P0060 Claire Cadman 01:01:59
P0061 Grace Johnson 01:02:55
P0062 Jane Huws 01:03:11
P0063 Helen Smith 01:03:54
P0064 Maz Raj 01:05:27
P0065 Nancy Stuart 01:06:08
P0066 Ruth Tucker 01:09:46
P0068 Zoe Dickinson 01:11:22
P0069 Hannah Wright 01:16:28
P0070 Cara Hanson 01:16:29
P0071 Nada Ross 01:16:30

Full Results: Striders 10k results

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