At least it was sunny: SYCAA XC Race 2 Longley Park

Race Date: 29 October 2023

Why run cross country? They say that it builds endurance and mental toughness (whatever that is? Ed), improves running form and core stability, gives your VO2 Max a boost and is also a great team builder as every position can count. It is doubtful whether these points were in the mind of many as they climbed the hill for the final lap as recent heavy rain made this one of the toughest South Yorkshire League courses seen for some time. They say that it’s the same for everyone but when the slowest men were out for around an hour, different factors come into play. And as for building team spirit, being urged to give it one final push when you have in fact been lapped and have to go around again is only funny after the event whilst nearly everyone has gone home by then anyway. (At least the tent was still there and your bag wasn’t just left on its own. Ed.) They say be careful what you wish for but the 64 year old men can’t wait until next year when they can run the shorter course with the ladies.

First Steel City man home was Naeem Stevens. The photograph depicts a deceptive amount of grass.

Pos Name Cat Time
Women about 6,200m
2 Abbie Pearse FS 25:55
13 Simone Young-alls FS 28:22
14 Sarah Moss FV45 28:23
15 Sarah Thorne FS 28:30
19 Fran Robbs de la Hoyde FS 29:37
24 Yasmine Chaffer FS 30:45
30 Fiona Jeffries FV55 31:19
39 Jacqui Herring FV45 32:50
64 Caroline Greenough FV45 35:06
85 Louise Rowley FV65 37:57
98 Jo Gleig FV55 41:47
Men about 10,000m
Pos Name Cat Time
20 Naeem Stevens MS 40:35
32 Liam Brennan MV35 42:14
47 Louis Wood MV45 43:50
61 John Kilcoyne MV35 45:14
65 Malcolm Baggaley MV35 46:00
68 Chris Ireland MV55 46:13
72 Tim Erskine MV45 46:29
74 Neil Schofield MV45 46:43
75 Chris Lawson MV45 47:00
84 Jed Turner MV55 48:48
87 Ian Stinson MV45 49:16
93 Chris Boland MV35 49:59
99 Paddy Treehowes MV55 51:27
102 Connor Brown MS 52:06
110 Tom Cossham MV45 53:55
120 Lee Mills MV45 55:27
134 Peter Brown MV55 59:37
135 Andrew Rowland MV55 59:39
139 Anthony Bell MV55 63:48
Men V65   about 6,200m
Pos Name Cat Time
10 Chris Reece M70 39:47

An unwritten rule for cross country is only do any sort of taper unless you’re going to win so it’s clear that with our ladies packing well, some had been taking it easy the week before. Winner of the ladies race was Eve Pannone (Hallam) 24:53 whilst first man home was Alex Ediker (City of Sheffield) 34:50. Link to provisional results. South Yorkshire Cross Country League Race 2 Longley Park . There were 120 women, 142 men and 15 M65+ competing.

Fran Robbs del Hoyde enjoying the sunshine.

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