Taddington Lanes 4 mile Road Race 2023 Results and Report

Report by Martin Downham

Race Date:  22nd August 2023

When travelling from Ashford-in-the-Water to Buxton, Taddington, which sits high on the central limestone plateau of the White Peak can easily be missed. It is however a beautiful village near the summit of the A6, (where a dual carriageway allows most traffic to glide by at speed). It is one of England’s highest villages at over 1100 feet and is located in The Peak National Park.

Taddington’s landscape is dominated by rocky limestone outcrops and surrounded by wild and windswept moorland, which can be seen all around on arrival at race HQ (The Bramwell Memorial Institute). For future reference, there is plenty of parking along Main Road.

The race is a loop above and through Taddington. Almost all the course’s 125m of elevation is completed in the first 1.4km  (approx. 80m) on a single track road out of the village. Somewhere near the summit the route takes a left turn (on to a Green Lane). This is a fairly deeply rutted gravel farm track with some overhanging hawthorn growth and some puddles. The most comfortable route through this involves some fairly regular changes of rut as long overhanging grass makes this section quite challenging. After approx. 2km the route takes a sharp left turn back on to a gently descending single track road, which leads back into the village. The route then takes some single track footpaths through the village before turning onto Main Street for the final push to the finish funnel (back at the start and race HQ).

This event is part of Taddington’s Well Dressing and Flower Festival so there is plenty going on over the week. The route was well marshalled and there was plenty of support en-route from villagers. Food service at the venue and a village pub are also available, if required.

Results were generated with labels and colour codes. The top 60 are seen in the attached photo.

It’s a bit of a trek from Sheffield, but Taddington is well worth a visit. The views from the top of the hill are amazing but best appreciated at leisure at another time.

First man was Greg Hopkinson in 22.45 and first lady Hayley Gill in 26.09. No clubs are listed but Martin thinks he was sole Strider coming in 49/94 in a time of 33.56.

Link to full results, now transferred from the labels, here.

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