The Sheffield TenTenTen 2023 Race Report and Results

Race Date: Sunday 8th October 2023
Race Report by: Dot Kesterton

The 13th Sheffield TEN10TEN Race 

This is a tricky one to plan for because it has such wide surface variations underfoot from easy, broad road sections to grassy rises and from spongy field to ankle breaking tree roots. Son Joel and I walked the more difficult parts and discussed the merits of road v trail shoes, finally opting to play safe with a more grippy sole. 

The annual Ten10Ten race was a delight. Unseasonably mild, even warm with lots of fellow Striders, Smileys and assorted runners, young and old descending on Endcliffe Park for the early autumn jamboree. Music blared, children leapt into action and officials strutted their stuff and got us all into our various pens ready for the off. 

Just coming back to form after minor knee surgery I had no idea how today’s race would pan out. I’d had the pleasure of spectating for 10 days at the European Masters Athletics Championships in Italy last week watching records tumble and seeing extraordinary athleticism including from Sheffield’s Jed Turner and World M70 100m Champion Steve Peters so I was motivated to give this one my best shot. 

It’s a two lap course from Endcliffe Park through Bingham Park, rising on slippery grass and mud to an uneven trail through the Porter Valley before a steady descent along the river and back to Endcliffe. That means you should be able to work out your negative split in advance by taking a measured approach for 5k before blasting lungs and every muscle on the second leg to come in triumphant. That’s the theory anyway. In the event most of us in our enthusiasm go off too fast, slog the first hill, stagger round Bingham and die somewhere around Queen Victoria cursing the fact we’ve now got to do it all again half dead. The heavy rasps of snatched breathing and visible slowing suggested others were going through exactly the same experience. Huge support from marshals, spectators and well wishers meant we were able to forget the pain momentarily until we could limp through the quieter parts of the course furthest away from the park. 

My dodgy knee held up and I managed to complete the race in 52:26, only a couple of minutes slower than my last Ten10Ten race in 2021. That gave me first of thirteen V70+. How brilliant that thirteen V70+ were out on the course. Perhaps we scooped up a few pensioners out for a quiet amble before lunch. 

My thanks to Doug Banks, Andy Green, Matt Rimmer and the whole army of volunteers who gave us the best morning out since the Sheffield Way relay a few weeks ago. 

The race was won by Lewis Roberts, Worcester Athletics Club in 36:15mins. 

First woman was Sarah-Jane Bamford W40 in 44:20mins. Sarah-Jane had a baby earlier this year and is only recently back to running again. What a great result by Sarah-Jane.

Plenty of Striders turned up to represent the green and gold. Here are all the results:

Position Name Category Time
3 Stephen Schubeler M40-49 00:38:07
22 Joel Kesterton M40-49 00:43:07
25 Jed Turner M60-69 00:43:44
37 Colin Hardy M40-49 00:45:03
38 Daniel Cubitt M30-39 00:45:11
39 Robert Hoffman M40-49 00:45:12
43 Rob Hale M30-39 00:45:41
46 Mark Baines M60-69 00:46:15
49 Paddy Treehowes M50-59 00:46:27
52 Steve Gourlay M40-49 00:46:49
67 Laura Mella F30-39 00:48:22
84 Sam Ainscough M30-39 00:49:37
85 Nick Burns M50-59 00:49:44
115 Martin Lane M50-59 00:51:03
128 Mark Wood M40-49 00:51:29
131 Matt Broadhead M40-49 00:51:43
132 Martin Hughes M60-69 00:51:46
147 Dot Kesterton F70+ 00:52:26
148 Steve Yeoman M40-49 00:52:30
155 Charlotte Allen F30-39 00:52:49
190 Chris Newman M60-69 00:54:14
203 Chris Froud M40-49 00:55:14
216 Mollie Stradling F20-29 00:55:55
223 Liam Russell M40-49 00:56:21
245 Anthony Bell M60-69 00:57:28
249 Louise Rowley F60-69 00:57:31
290 John Marsh M60-69 00:58:43
291 Dave Threlfall M60-69 00:58:51
309 Marie Cheng F40-49 00:59:31
320 Kevin Haighton M60-69 00:59:57
339 Mark Jackson M60-69 01:00:54
366 Elin Reeves F40-49 01:01:53
378 Joni Grose F40-49 01:02:14
389 Helen Driscoll F40-49 01:02:26
390 Richard Adams M30-39 01:02:29
402 Meg Hughes F60-69 01:03:05
437 Mavoureen Raj F40-49 01:04:19
442 Caroline Brash F40-49 01:04:37
445 Humprey Fu M40-49 01:04:53
473 Caroline Barnsley F40-49 01:06:05
521 Chris Rea M40-49 01:08:46
526 Harley Moore F30-39 01:09:02
596 Clare Kidney F40-49 01:14:44
649 Ruth Tucker F30-39 01:19:55
653 Hannah Wright F30-39 01:20:55
676 Karen Clark F60-69 01:28:14
685 Jean Docherty F50-59 01:36:11

Some great results including an overall 3rd place finish for Stephen Schubeler and age category places for Jed (1st), Mark Baines (2nd), Paddy (3rd), Laura (4th) and Dot (1st)!

For the full results, click here.

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