Tom Holmes Oughtibridge Gala Chase

14th June 2023

The Chase commences in Coronation Park, proceeds up Jawbone Hill by road to Wharncliffe Woods, which then loops through the woods and then returns and finishes back in the Park. The distance is approximately 6km with 180m of ascent.

Congratulations to Clare Grisdale on her 1st place in the FV40 category.

Pos. Name Cat. Time
20th Sian Evans F 26:39
21st Robert Hoffman MV40 26:44
23rd Al Cook MV50 26:52
27th Paul Remmer MV40 28:04
28th Ellen Broad F 28:07
37th Adam McAuley MV50 29:01
39th Clare Grisdale FV40 29:11
49th Steve Blake MV40 30:28
57th Katrina Gillett F 31:37
59th Alex Briggs M 31:56
60th Pete McCoy MV40 31:57
62nd Mark Warriner MV40 32:31
65th Martin Downham MV60 33:28
73rd Catherine McKeown FV50 34:20
75th Cara Hansen FV40 34:39
79th Clive Downing MV60 35:29
81st Brian Jenkins MV50 36:18
83rd Nada Ross FV50 36:33
89th Vicky McAuley FV50 39:15
92nd Zoe Pellegrina FV40 39:49
97th Anne Petit-Jean FV40 44:11
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