Transylvania Twisted half marathon result

Race Date: Sunday 22nd October 2023

The blurb says this was a 6 hour challenge along the Trans Pennine Trail, where you could earn a fabulous Dracula themed medal as well as chocolate goodies. It was a 6 hour running challenge; a flat, lapped event with laps of approximately 6.55 miles. You could run as few or as many laps as you wish within the 6 hour limit. All runners, no matter how many laps they have run received a bespoke medal and a goody bag.

So, you could run one lap, finish, eat cake and go home or you could run 2 laps for a half marathon distance, 4 for a marathon or see how many laps you can do until the 6 hours is up.

One Strider took park in the two lap half marathon event. Rosemary Royles was the 4th runner out of 14 to complete the 2 lap half marathon distance. Well done Rosemary.

Striders result

Pos Name Cat Time
4 Rosemary Royles F 2.21.33

Full results;

Click to access Transylvania%20Twist%20Results.pdf


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