Trunce 2

Monday 17th April 2023

285 runners lined up for Trunce 2. The weather was fresh, but not cold (those of you not wearing vests please report to Colin Hardy for more information!). It proved to be my slowest ever Trunce, but I had a heavy week of racing ahead, and am trying not to be too bothered about it!

The race was won by Ben Tetler, of Glossopdale Harriers, in a time of 26:12. First female was Emma Bullock-Lynch, of DPFR, in a time of 34:08.

Pos. Cat. Name Time
30th VM David Palmer 31:28
58th VM Malcolm Baggaley 34:14
62nd VM50 Al Cook 34:29
64th VM50 Ian Stinson 34:35
91st VM Keith Bell 36:19
133rd F Helen Royles-Jones 39:48
145th VM50 Tom Nuttgens 40:23
153rd VM Martin Greenough 41:09
155th VM60 Andy Hincliffe 41:21
190th VF Caroline Greenough 44:36
245th VM Steve Blake 53:06
246th F Laura Greaves 53:06
273rd F Rosie Smith 57:32
281st VM70 Michael Ingham 1:03:34
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