Trunce 6

Monday 3rd July 2023

It is widely known that your best chance of a pb at the Trunce is race 3, because the conditions are usually dry, but not too dry, it isn’t too hot, and the grass isn’t too long. The following people proved what nonsense that is, and all got PBs at Trunce 6: Malcolm Baggaley, Martin Moss, Martin Greenough, Steve Blake, Andy Hincliffe, Caroline Greenough, Victoria Johnson, Martin Downham, and Rosie Smith.

The various Championships are also shaping up nicely – Andy Hincliffe is leading the VM60 category, and Caroline Greenough 2nd in the VF50 category.

Race 8 is on the 14th August.

Pos. Name Time Cat.
38th Malcolm Baggaley 32:52 VM
41st Al Cook 33:07 VM50
56th Martin Moss 34:37 VM50
60th Keith Bell 35:01 VM
67th Martin Greenough 35:32 VM
80th Steve Blake 37:31 VM
85th Andy Hincliffe 37:54 VM60
93rd Helen Royles-Jones 38:50 F
99th Caroline Greenough 39:01 VF50
118th Victoria Johnson 41:01 F
134th Martin Downham 42:54 VM60
181st Clive Downing 49:55 VM50
182nd Rosie Smith 49:55 F
209th Michael Ingham 1:01:06 VM70
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