Trunce 7

24th July 2023

PBs for Jamie Booth, Andy Hincliffe, Paul Remmer, and Malcolm Baggeley – but more importantly, Andy Hincliffe is now leading the VM60 championship. All to play for with 2 rounds to go!

Pos. Name Time Cat.
28th Malcolm Baggaley 32:51 VM
30th Paul Remmer 33:12 VM
40th Ian Stinson 34:29 VM50
45th Martin Greenough 35:57 VM
51st Martin Moss 36:23 VM50
63rd Andy Hincliffe 37:28 VM60
71st Helen Royles-Jones 38:37 F
72nd Tom Nuttgens 38:38 VM50
83rd Caroline Greenough 39:42 VF50
140th Clive Downing 46:49 VM60
159th Grace Johnson 50:22 F
162nd Jamie Booth 50:41 M
163rd Victoria Johnson 50:41 F
165th Simon Gleadhall 50:54 VM50
179th Rosie Smith 55:34 F
191st Michael Ingham 1:07:52 VM70
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