Trunce 8

14th August

So that’s Trunce 8 done and dusted. Just the one race to go now – Andy Hincliffe leads his category, and Caroline Greenough is placed second in hers. A final push on 4th September will see those prizes secured. Well done to all those that ran. Full season result, and all sorts of other info can be found on the official Trunce website:

Pos. Name Cat. Time
44th Chris Lawson VM50 33:19
48th Malcolm Baggaley VM 33:55
58th Ian Stinson VM50 35:01
69th Martin Moss VM50 36:23
96th Martin Greenough VM50 39:10
100th Andy Hincliffe VM60 39:52
113th Conna Brown M 41:46
117th Caroline Greenough VF50 42:05
134th Richard Strafford M 44:35
159th Clive Downing VM60 47:44
162nd Richard Taylor ? 48:16
186 Steven Lewis VM 51:42
193rd Rosie Smith F 53:08
221st Michael Ingham VM70 1:07:58
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