Trunce 9

Monday 4th September

So the Trunce season is now over, which marks the end of mid-week racing for the year (which always leaves me a little melancholy). Oh well, it’s been fun. For those of you that weren’t there for Trunce 9, you missed Clive Downing wading through the river dressed like a 60’s disco legend! Incredible scenes! Roll on Trunce 2024.

Well done to all the Striders that have taken part in the Trunce series this year.

Trunce 9 was won by Tom Fryers (PFRAC) in a time of 26:57. First female was Naomi Drakeford (Barnsley AC) in a time of 31:04.

Well done to the 14 Striders in attendance, especially those in fancy dress, and to Malcolm Baggaley with his PB.

Pos. Name Time Cat.
33rd Malcolm Baggaley 32:42 VM
36th Al Cook 33:16 VM50
54th Chris Lawson 35:57 VM50
70th Martin Greenough 37:00 VM50
75th Martin Moss 37:43 VM50
98th Andy Hincliffe 40:22 VM60
111th Caroline Greenough 41:05 VF50
146th Steve Blake 46:01 VM
183rd Clive Downing 50:38 VM60
222nd Jamie Booth 56:12 M
223rd Victoria Johnson 56:13 F
251st Caroline Brash 1:00:40 VF
252nd Rosie Smith 1:00:40 F
257th Michael Ingham 1:06:14 VM70
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