Wharncliffe 10k

Tuesday 11th July 2023

Despite being a different distance every year I’ve run it, it remains a lovely run through Wharncliffe woods, but with the added bonus of a horrible uphill finish, that just goes on forever! This year it was (nearly) 10k – who know’s what distance it’ll be next year, but I’ll no doubt be on the start line!

Some impressive category placings need mentioning, but well done to all those that ran:

1st MV60 – Jed Turner
1st FV60 – Nicola Rafferty
1st FV50 – Fiona Jeffries

2nd FV50 – Jacqui Herring
2nd MV50 – Neil Schofield
2nd F – Sarah Thorne

Pos. Name Time Cat.
20th Neil Schofield 43:20 MV50
36th Sarah Thorne 46:05 F
37th Chris Johnson 46:06 MV40
41st Marcus Dearns 47:00 M
43rd Jed Turner 47:05 MV60
50th Ellen Broad 47:37 F
57th Al Cook 48:21 MV50
66th Adam McAuley 49:22 MV50
68th Paddy Treehowes 49:52 MV50
73rd Nick Burns 50:30 MV50
74th Fiona Jeffries 50:33 FV50
75th Robin Nelson 50:40 MV40
77th Claire Wren 51:10 F
79th Steve Blake 51:47 MV40
84th Christopher Brown 52:24 M
89th Jacqui Herring 52:52 FV50
102nd Ben Heller 54:23 MV50
107th Nicola Rafferty 55:13 FV60
114th Martin Downham 55:33 MV60
126th Helen Royles 57:03 F
127th Karen Clark 57:24 FV50
148th Jacqui Herring 1:00:18 FV50
158th Lindsey Banks 1:01:52 FV40
163rd Jamie Smith 1:02:27 M
165th Kevin Haighton 1:02:44 MV60
176th Christine Booth 1:05:03 FV40
182nd Eleanor Bull 1:05:40 F
184th Jane Huws 1:05:58 FV50
185th Nicole Nield 1:06:20 FV60
193rd Joel Driver 1:08:10 MV40
199th Vikki McAuley 1:08:58 FV50
225th Hannah Wright 1:23:08 F
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