Whirlowbrook Hall Steel City Trail 10 result

Race Date: Sunday 16th April 2023

71 runners for the latest instalment of this year’s Trail 10 series. Many thanks to the volunteers who made this event possible. We’re always in need of volunteers so please consider volunteering if you’re not running.

Also many thanks to myracekit on Sharrowvale Road as well as Steel City Striders for sponsoring the series. We raised £94.30 from the event which was donated to the Friends of Whirlowbrook. We’re hoping that next time we visit the new cafe will be open which will be a bonus.

The next race will be at Shirebrook. This clashes with the revised Dronfield 10k so we will be short of volunteers – please help out if you can.

Great run and great course. The male race was won by Adrien Gallet of ShUOC in 42.35. The female race winner was Chloe Potter of Hallamshire Harriers in 45.56.

Striders Results:

Pos First Name Second Name Cat Time
8 Neil Schofield Male 00:46:19
9 Sarah Thorne Female 00:48:16
10 Joshua Chapman Male 00:48:21
24 Paddy Treehowes Male 00:54:05
26 Fiona Jeffries Female 00:55:18
27 Katie Gill Female 00:55:22
29 Adam McAuley Male 00:55:56
30 Ben Heller Male 00:56:02
31 Neal Pates Male 00:56:27
33 Nick Burns Male 00:57:00
34 Steve Haake Male 00:57:13
35 Gergo Erdi-Krausz Male 00:58:13
37 David Bocking Male 00:59:04
48 Emily Bocking Female 01:03:15
54 Chris Walker Male 01:05:07
59 Laura Rangeley Female 01:06:53
65 Nada Ross Female 01:10:16
68 Caroline Aylott Female 01:17:05
69 Vikki McAuley Female 01:19:08
69 Rosie Smith Female 01:19:08
70 Hannah Wright Female 01:33:02
71 Steve Blake Male 01:33:02
Jo Gleig Female
Nick Burns Male
David Bocking Male
Katie Gill Female
Robin Nelson Male
Ann-Marie Mulvey Female
Julie Armstrong Female
Lesley Brosnan Female
Jim Rangeley Male
Chris Ireland Male
Jean Docherty Female
Rachel Rea Female
David Adams Male
Tony Bell Male
Glennis Chappell Female
Cara Hanson Female
Peter Malcolm Male
Steve Blake Male

Full Results: Trail 10 results

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