Wooler Trail Half Marathon Results and Report

5th November 2023

Just one Strider, Edward Brooks, ran this race set in Northumberland. it is advertised as a hilly off road half marathon with 2434 feet of ascent. There are 300 places and you have 4 hrs to complete the course.

The course is marked but the organizers highlight you can expect boggy, frozen or snow or combinations of all three

The full marathon happens the day before and for the truly hardcore they do advertise the option to do both races over the weekend. I think we all know a clubmate or two that would be tempted by this, mentioning no names.

Strider results:

Position Name Category Time
1st Male Chris Jones M 1:34:40
1st Female Jen Dinwoodie F 2:10:51
25th Edward Brooks M 2:07:32

Full Results


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