YVAA (Yorkshire Vets) Road Relays relay result

Race Date: Sunday 4th June 2023

The Striders’ party bus was back for the short trip up to Holmfirth for the road relays. Tim Holt did a brilliant job in galvanising us into action and he painstakingly sorted through the interested Striders to make up 9 full teams of 3. Hopefully next year we can get more because, although the running is only a small part of the day, the social side is brilliant and I can highly recommend the day out.

On arrival, we didn’t have much idea of where we were racing so took a recce down the half mile of tarmac which swiftly became like Houndkirk Road and we were pretty non-plussed. However, we were soon to learn that the race was to be 3 laps of a one mile circuit with an uphill out and a downhill back – hardly a hill however until you looked at the Strava elevation graph and it looked like 3 ascents of Everest – never trust a graph

We all had a really great day out. There were 5 Striders teams in the medals which was an excellent performance and more than any other club. Highlight for me was Neil’s explosive sprint finish to get us 2nd place in the MV50 by a narrow 2 second margin. Only glad I was on leg 2 and not leg 3!!

Men’s Results

We had no MV 35-39 team.

MV40-49 came 9th out of 16, with 2 incomplete teams and 50 runners in total

Pos Name Time
22 Dennis Johns 17.36
27 Malcolm Baggaley 18.21
32 Ben Elliott 18.48

MV50-59 had 2 teams and came 2nd (Silver Medals) and 11th out of 16 teams with 48 runners in total

Pos Name Time
5 Ade Fisher 16.49
10 Neil Schofield 18.02
18 Nick Burns 19.03
27 Mark Baines 19.53
33 Adam McAuley 20.25
44 Andy Rowland 22.35


MV60-69 came 1st (Gold Medals) out of 7 teams with 21 runners in total

Pos Name Time
2 Chris Ireland 17.35
4 Dave Wilson 18.32
5 Jed Turner 18.46

MV70 came 2nd (Silver Medals) out of 3 teams and 9 runners in total

Pos Name Time
5 Maurice Smith 22.44
6 Graham Goff 23.15
7 Chris Reece 23.26

Women’s Results:

FV35 came 5th out of 11 teams with 33 runners in total

Pos Name Time
10 Claire Grisdale 19.49
14 Jeni Harvey 20.13
16 Kathy Liddiard 20.26

FV45 came 5th out of 9 teams with 27 runners in total

Pos Name Time
7 Jacqui Herring 20.52
12 Lindsey Banks 22.20
24 Christine Booth 25.00

FV55 came 2nd (Silver Medals) out of 7 teams with 21 runners in total

Pos Name Time
3 Fiona Jeffries 21.04
5 Kate Scott 21.33
9 Mandy Taylor 22.15

FV65 came 2nd (Silver Medals) out of 2 teams with 6 runners in total

Pos Name Time
3 Louise Rowley 23.09
4 Kate Waddicor 24.34
5 Carol Beattie 25.10

Full results: here


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