Bamford Sheep Dog Trials Fell Race 2024 Report and Results

Race Date: Monday 27th May 2024
Race Report by Cara Hanson

Bamford Sheep Dog Trails Fell race is part of the Bamford Sheep dog trails event which is held on Spring Bank Holiday Monday.  It’s a great day out, consisting of food, refreshments including beer and stalls containing plants, honey produce, crafts, gifts, cards and wood products. There is also a sheep shearing competition and a best conditioned bitch and dog competition. The sheep dog trials themselves and of course the fell race started at 1.00 pm. It’s £5 for entry into the event but kids are free, then £5 for the fell race.  You can pre-enter the race online but I wasn’t that organised.  

It was my 3rd time doing this race, I absolutely love it despite the first two times not going too well. The first time I managed to strain my peroneal tendon half way round and had to hobble to the finish and the second time round I went the wrong way on the way down. Would this be 3rd time lucky? 

There were only 3 other Striders in attendance this year, Kate Scott, Ian Stinson and Abbie Pearse who was looking fresh after a super fast 10k at Manchester the day before. Jo Gleig was also there with her friend just to enjoy the day out without racing. 

The race is roughly 7.2k (4.5 miles). The first 2.5k is fast(ish) and flat(ish), going up Water Lane and straight onto the old railway line. I was conscious not to go too fast (for me) as I knew what was coming next… Parkin Clough. Parkin Clough takes you straight up Winn Hill the direct way. Despite knowing I would be walking up, I always forget just how hard it is. It’s not just a case of walking, it’s a case of climbing,  crawling, grabbing hold of tree roots to pull yourself up, whilst trying to keep up with the person in front and not keep people behind you waiting. It did get me thinking… “do the front runners actually run up here?”

My breathing was hard and I was dripping in sweat but once you’re out of the trees you’re hit with amazing views which never fail to impress. If you don’t turn round and look you’re definitely missing the point. The nearer the top I got the more people overtook me. Oh well my main priority was to continue to breathe. At the top we were greeted by Helen Royles-Jones taking photos (amazing photos). Time to go down! The descent takes you down the front of Winn Hill and through Thornhill.  Once we got down the technical bit, we were treated to a fast descent on the grass, I managed to overtake a fair few here. Next came the mud, which was considerably less muddy than it was a couple of months ago, but still very muddy. My choice of footwear gave me a good advantage here. Next we were back on the old railway line for a nice stretch of flat to go the same way back to the start/finish. 

For most people this was a fast finish but not for me. I was done. It felt like I was running in slow motion and I couldn’t even manage a sprint finish.  

But seeing as I was neither injured or had gone the wrong way, I came out with a course best! My only regret is not buying a cake before the race as they had sold out once I’d finished. Well done to Abbie who was first lady and Kate Scott who was second in her age category.

It would be nice to see more Striders next year as it really is a great day.

The race was won by Matthieu Marshall of Headlington RR in 31:45. As mentioned already, the first female finisher was Abbie, results to follow.

Striders results:

Position Name Category Time
15 Abbie Pearse WSEN 00:36:07
98 Ian Stinson MV50 00:46:46
158 Cara Hanson WV40 00:53:25
182 Kate Scott WV60 00:56:45

All results can be viewed here.

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