Barnsley AC Winter Track Series Meet 2 – Feb 14th

Report by Yaz Chaffer

The evening of the 14th of February saw the 2nd meet of the Barnsley Athletic Club Winter Track Series. Events on offer this time were the mile, 3000m and 800m.

This months meet coincided with Valentines Day, but this did not hamper the turn out, with 4 full heats of the mile and 800 and 2 for the 3000. It can be said that a true distance runner has nothing better to be doing on Valentine’s Day anyway. Indeed, my most distressing emotional states have arisen from track racing and interactions with the opposite sex, so it’s all much of a muchness really. 

Similarly, as certain as it is that you will fall for someone who is emotionally unavailable, is the fact that in any middle distance race you will probably set off Way Too Fast. In the Mile this will result in a slow painful fade for the rest of the race; in the 800 you will spend the whole second lap trying not to do a Femke Bol at the Worlds and face plant the track. Will I learn from the mistake of a 76 second first lap in the mile? Yes. Will I do anything differently next time? Probably not. 

So a personal best 800m for me and a personal worst mile. Rob had a great run in the 3000m to come second by a small margin, and it’s good to see him doing well after recent injuries. Siân put in very strong performances in both the mile and the 3000m at her first track event, and a positive sign that her marathon training is going well. 

Next month is the last of the series on the 13th March, with the 5000m and 1500m this time. Would be great to get some more Striders out for the 5000 in particular!

Editor’s Note: We now have a signed confession from Sian Elizabeth in which she admits that her first 400m in her mile race was also “Way Too Fast” and that she is not actually marathon training at present. Perhaps she is thinking of taking up the 400m?

Striders Results:

Posn Name Cat Time

800m Heat 2

6 Yasmine Chaffer SF 2.47.3

Mile Heat 2

6 Rob Byers SM 5.28.1
7 Sian Evans F35 5.30.9

Mile Heat 3

8 Yasmine Chaffer SF 6.01.4

3000m Heat 1

2 Rob Byers SM 9.29.1

3000m Heat 2

2 Sian Evans F35 10.59.1

Full results here: here

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