C&C Sheffield Manor Fields Park 6 Hour Race Report and Results

By: Chris Smith

Race Date: Sunday 2nd Jun, 2024

Venue: Sheffield Manor Fields Park (Sheffield Castle Parkrun route – in reverse)

The event kicked off early in the morning as runners gathered at Sheffield Manor Fields Park, ready to take on the challenge of running for 1 mile loops for up to 6 hours.

The sun was shining brightly, creating a warm and energetic atmosphere among the participants. As the race began, runners set off at a steady pace, eager to cover as much distance as they needed, wanted, or just for fun. The park provided a scenic backdrop for the event, with trees offering some shade along the course.

Throughout the race, participants pushed themselves, each lap bringing them closer to their personal goals. They cheered on the other runners, and provided encouragement and support along the way. As the hours passed, fatigue started to set in for some runners, but their determination never wavered. The heat of the day added an extra challenge, testing the endurance of each participant. Finally, as the six-hour mark approached, the runners put in their final efforts to reach their target distances.

Overall, the 6-hour running event at Sheffield Manor Fields Park, on a sunny, hot day was a test of endurance, perseverance, and camaraderie among participants, making it a memorable and rewarding experience for all involved, and raised £278 for support dogs.

During the event the maximum distances achieved were by Andy Hinchliffe and Brian Jenkins (27 miles), and Hannah Murton (13.25 miles) (all Steel City Striders).

Striders’ Results:

Name Gender Total Distance (Miles)
Andy Hinchliffe M 27
Brian Jenkins M 27
Adam Connellan M 26.5
Matt Rimmer M 26.5
Dave Beech M 13.25
Hannah Murton F 13.25
Nada Ross F 12
Neil Schofield M 12
Steve Blake M 12
Ash Mellors M 9
Chris Smith M 9
Victoria Johnson F 8
Martin Downham M 7
Helen Eberlin F 6
Katelyn McKeown F 6
Kevin Haighton M 6
Malcolm Baggaley M 6
Jo Gleig F 5.14
Zaheer Mahmood M 5
Zoe Dickinson F 5
Cara Hanson F 3
Grace Stead F 3
Nikki Nield F 3


Full Results: provided by event organisers

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