Cockfield Chase 2024 Race Report and Results

Race Date: Thursday 25th April 2024
Race Report by: Stuart Jones

If you read my report from last year’s race (available here) you’ll already know many of the oddities about both Cockfield Fell and this race. I did work out one important thing before this year’s sprint – the clock starts when the first runner crosses the start line.

This means that the further you are behind her or him at the top of the warm-up hill, the worse your time in the results will be.

Let’s assume that, for some strange reason, you didn’t read last year’s report. The race organiser leads the pack round four fifths of the route for an introductory and warm-up lap. With half a mile of uphill to get back to the start / finish line, he lets loose the reins and the ‘sprint’ for the start line begins.

Only the time on the second full lap counts and only your position at the end of that lap. Logic tells us, therefore, that the nearer to the leader you are at their start the nearer you are likely to be at the end. This time I was about 1 minute 35 seconds behind, not a bad deficit after the hill.

This was less than last year, and accordingly my recorded time and my finishing position both improved year on year.

The prize list is extensive – if you bring a prize you get a prize, with the winner in each category getting first dibs, then on through the finishers (top ten male, top ten female, next ten male, next ten female …).

I took a growbag. It was claimed by the 21st finishing female, and I have to say I was disappointed that it wasn’t claimed earlier. I selected a mystery Tesco bag for life; it turned out to be holding a tin of custard (shop own-brand), a tin of peach halves (in syrup), and a snack-sized malt loaf (with apple).

The race was won by Rory Hart of Crook & Dist Sports AC in 13:02. The first female finisher was Joanne Raine, of the same club, in 17:24.

Sole Steel City Strider:

Position Name Category Time
43 Stuart Jones M60 00:20:18

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