Dot Kesterton’s Annual Revue 2023

By: Dot Kesterton


At first sight this is a very satisfying set of results for 2023 and one I’m immensely proud of. As the year comes to a close I can record a WV70 World Rankings lead in 3000m on the track in 13:22.64; a WV70 UK rankings lead in 1 mile in 6:47 at Edinburgh and WV70 UK rankings lead in in 10k in 45:26 at Dewsbury. Yet my second year as a WV70 athlete was more notable by what I was unable to achieve.

At the top of my set of goals was to compete in the European Masters Track and Field Championships in Pescara, Italy in September. It was soon evident that because of a medial meniscus tear a year earlier my dream of competing in Italy soon evaporated. I travelled to Italy as planned in September following minor surgery by the incomparable Mr Jez Brown and spent my time not only watching and supporting fellow athletes but also doing homework on what I will need to aspire to in 2024 as we head toward the World Masters Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden, next August. I will no doubt have my work cut out for me over the coming months as I prepare.

A second goal for the year was to win the Percy Pud age group title, scuppered by stormy conditions and event cancellation. I first won WV55 Percy Pud in 2011 at 59, a huge surprise to me since I was relatively new to running and had few aspirations as a competitor. With wins in each of the five year age group categories since I would have been aiming for a tenth title. Interestingly my fastest Percy Pud time is 44:04 in 2013, a difference of around 2.5 minutes over ten years. I’ll count that as a win and look forward to Percy Pud 2024. Getting my pudding and hat was a bonus for which I add my thanks and condolences to the organising team.

Despite my knee injury I was able to qualify and compete for England in 10k road race in Chester coming first in 48:03 and in the British and Irish Masters Cross Country Championships in Glasgow, coming 4th WV70 and 3rd WV70 team.

For my birthday in early April I treated myself to an increasingly rare Parkrun at Hillsborough Park. Sub 23 minutes would get me pretty high on the national rankings so I was delighted with 22:49 and my highest 2023 AG% score of 99.2%.

BMAF WV70 10k Road Champion, Grangemouth

BIMXC International, WV70 Team, Glasgow

Date Name Distance Time Position Comments
02/01/2023 North Lakes 10k 10k 47:03:00 1st WV70 Qualifying race for England Masters 10k. 92.52%AG.
08/01/2023 Winter Round Sheffield Run 23.67k 01:52.2 3rd WV60 No V70 age group
21/01/2023 SYCC League and Championship race. 5.61k 29:49:00 1st WV70 SYCC V70 League and Championship winner.
28/01/2023 Northern XC Championships, Witton Park. 7.47k 40:15:00 1st WV70
05/02/2023 Dewsbury 10k road race. 10k 45:26:00 1st WV70 95.71%AG. New SCS Club record. Top of UK V70 rankings 2023.
19/02/2023 Wombwell 5 5miles 37:30:00 1st WV70 92.31%AG. 4th on UK WV70 All Time 5m ranking.
26/02/2023 Inter Area Indoor T&F, Lee Valley 800m 03:22.7 3rd of 4
12/03/2023 EMA Home International, Chester 10k 48:03:00 1st WV70 90.5% AG Gold medal
16/04/2023 BMAF 10k road race, Grangemouth 10k 47:20:00 1st WV70 93.2% AG, Gold medal.
23/04/2023 Run Jump Throw series, Sheffield track 3000m 13:22.6 1st WV70 1st on World WV70 rankings.
03/05/2023 Run Jump Throw series, Sheffield track. 1500m 06:41 1st WV70 NMAC V70 record.
07/05/2023 Holymoorside 10k road race. 10k 50:22:00 1st WV70 242m elevation
04/06/2023 BMAF 1 mile Championships, Edinburgh 1 mile 06:47 1st WV70 Gold medal. 1st on UK V70 rankings.
20/08/2023 SCS 10k trail race, Whirlow, Sheffield 10k 1:05m 1st WV70 First run/race post operatively. (arthroscopy)
17/09/2023 SCS 10k trail, Parkwood Srings, Sheffield 10k 55m 1st F 208m elevation.
08/10/2023 TenTenTen trail race, Sheffield 10k 52:27:00 1st WV70 132m elevation
14/10/2023 England Masters Cross Country Selection race, Derby. 6k 32:29:00 1st WV70 Selected
11/11/2023 British and Irish Masters XC, Glasgow 6k 28:25:00 4th WV70 ind. 3rd team. Team Bronze medal
19/11/2023 BMAF road relays, Mallory Park, Leicestershire 5k 22:42 2nd WV65 Team, 3rd V65 individual. Team Silver medal, Individual Bronze medal.

Parkrun 2023

Date Name Time Position Comments
01/04/23 Hillsborough 22:49 1st WV70 99.2%AG Top AG.
13/05/23 Hillsborough 22:57 1st WV70 98.69%AG
27/05/23 Endcliffe 24:05 1st WV70 93.98%AG
19/08/23 Millhouses 24:33 1st WV70 92.19%AG
26/08/23 Graves 25:31 1st WV70 88.82%AG
02/09/23 Cinder Track, Whitby 23:42 1st WV70 95.63%AG
28/10/23 Hillsborough 23:15 1st WV70 97.36%AG
25/11/23 Rushmere, Beds. 24:15 1st WV70 93.33%AG
16/12/23 Millhouses 22.57 1st WV70 98.62%AG
25/12/23 Sheffield Castle 23:24 1st WV70 96.72%AG

Athlete Strava stats, 2023

Total Running Distance: 1,652k
Total time: 233 hours
Days active: 242
Total elevation: 27,443m



Without the support of a small and very important group of people I would not have achieved the results I was aiming for. My thanks and appreciation go to:

  • John Rothwell, Coach
  • Accelerate/Scott for Strength and Conditioning support and kit.
  • Sally Fawcett, physiotherapist, for Running Rehab and advice.
  • Joel Kesterton, Running buddy.
  • Steel City Striders, Virtual Harriers and Smiley Paces for providing endless hours of challenges, company and fun.
  • Mr Jez Brown for twice getting me back on my feet after knee surgery.
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