Edinburgh Marathon Festival Results – 24th and 25th May 2024

The Edinburgh Marathon Festival includes no less that nine different events, this year held across the weekend of the 24th and 25th May. There were Striders representing in three of these events; the 10k on the Saturday and the half and full marathon, both staged on Sunday 25th May.

In the 10k event there were impressive age category wins for both Dot Kesterton and Nicola Rafferty in a massive field. The men’s race was won by Luca Fanottoli of Central Athletics Club in a time of 00:31:09 whilst the women’s race was won by Jennifer Sandy of Herne Hill Harriers in a time of 00:38:04.

Position Age Position Name Chip Time Gun Time
109 14 (F35) Yasmine Chaffer 0:43:18 00:43:20
288 1 (F70) Dorothy Kesterton 00:47:24 00:47:34
301 1 (F60) Nicola Rafferty 00:47:33 00:47:56

There were plenty of strong performances at the half marathon distance too, despite the fairly miserable conditions for much of the race. John Rawlinson ran with his daughter in her first ever half marathon and confided in me afterwards that he PB’d in chaffing. The men’s race was won by Sean Chalmers of Aberdeen AAC in a time of 01:05:27 and the women’s race was won by Jenny Selman in a time of 01:19:55.

Position Age Position Name Chip Time Gun Time
21 19 (M35) Rob Byers 01:14:12 01:14:13
264 4 (F35) Caroline Brock 01:28:09 01:28:24
276 32 (M40) Joel Kesterton 01:28:16 01:28:51
302 12 (M50) Neil Schofield 01:28:43 01:30:14
317 21 (F35) Annie Chambers 01:29:05 01:29:40
9841 234 (M55) John Rawlinson 02:37:10 03:00:18
10000 237 M55) Tim Ryan 02:39:03 02:59:48

At marathon distance there were another six succesful finishers, including a PB for Ben Jones, in what he described as the best run of his life. The men’s marathon was won by Moray Pryde of Lothian RC in a time of 02:23:14, whilst the women’s race saw victory for Johanna Oregan of St Neots Riverside Runners in a time of 02:48:22.

Position Age Position Name Chip Time Gun Time
96 56 (M35) Ben Jones 02:49:41 02:49:59
729 91 (M40) Daniel Cubitt 03:16:33 03:19:00
1213 147 (M40) Malcolm Baggaley 03:26:50 03:28:50
1249 157 (M40) Michael Cambell 03:27:24 03:29:25
1728 78 (M50) Adam McAuley 03:35:45 03:39:43
3554 43 (F45) Alison Barrett 03:58:41 04:06:06


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