Hillsborough 6 Hour Runathon Charity Event 2024

Race Date: 21st January 2024

Venue: Hillsborough Park, Sheffield

By: Colleen Moore

On 21st January after completing my junior parkrun timekeeping duties, I headed down to the bottom of the park to participate in Chris and Cara’s endurance event raising money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital. This involved running as many approximately one-mile laps as you wanted of Hillsborough park in a 6-hour period. A tent was set up with snacks, and a place to store your bags, the wind was quite savage and the tent did well to hold up for as long as it did!

My aim for the event was to complete a half marathon. While I had completed the Summer RSR there was a lot of walking (and whining) during it so I was hoping to run the full distance. We picked up our bib numbers and at 10am we set off, with Chris running the first lap with us in his jeans to show us the route, after that we were left to our own devices. I decided a 6.30min/km was a sensible pace so joined up with Victoria and Jamie and merrily ticked the km.s off as we headed towards 10km. After this I found myself running with Rosie and her sister Sue. At this point I was starting to feel a bit of pain from my ribs after hurting them from excessive coughing during a recent cold, but Rosie and Sue did their best to distract me. They were going for 15k so at that point I decided to stick it out with them and maybe call it quits after.

However, Rosie had other plans and enlisted Cara to get me round the last 6k, Victoria and Jamie had also waited and Grace joined the effort. In those moments I felt like Eliud Kipchoge going for his 2-hour marathon with a team of 4 around me pushing me on, when I felt I couldn’t do it they all spurred me on with help and praise. The Striders are such a supportive group and I have made some great friends, people just want to help with your goals whatever they may be.

The last 6k passed with a fair bit of moaning from myself, but I had made it in 2:19hr which I was very happy with but wouldn’t have been achieved without everyone’s help and support.

During the event 93 people ran loops, a special shout out to Brian Jenkins and Andy Hinchliffe who came and ran a half marathon in the afternoon after they had already completed the Brass Monkey Half Marathon (in York) in the morning.

The event raised £754 for the children’s hospital and runners for many local clubs attended the event.

Kevin Firth (HRRC) completed the most laps at 35.5 miles, and Rebecca Dent (“Scarborough”) having completed 20 miles.

Striders’ Results:

Name Total Distance (Miles)
Robert Hoffmann 27.5m
Roger Brookes 23m
David Twigg 21m
Sarah Waterson 20m
Alex Briggs 19m
Jonathan Legon 18m
Sarah Moss 18m
Dave Beech 17m
Sarah Percivall 17m
Karen Clark 16m
Adam Brooks 15m
Jamie Smith 15m
Nikki Rafferty 15m
Anne Baleux Petit-Jean 14m
Grace Stead 14m
Caroline Greenough 13.2m
Kate Waddicor 13.2m
Andy Hinchcliffe 13.1m
Brian Jenkins 13.1m
Colleen Moore 13.1m
James Booth 13.1m
Paul Johnson 13.1m
Robert Ward 13.1m
Victoria Johnson 13.1m
Eddie Brooks 12m
Kathy Liddiard 12m
Nancy Hookham 12m
Robin Nelson 12m
Steve Blake 12m
Jo Gleig 11m
Rosie Smith 10m
Sophie Mckie 10m
Pete McCoy 9m
Zaheer Mahood 9m
Andrew Woffindin 8m
Ben Baxendale 8m
Emily Green 8m
Hannah Twigg 8m
Janine Frost 8m
Nicole Neild 8m
Rob Dawson 8m
Zoe Pellegrona 8m
Jean Docherty 7m
Mark Warriner 7m
Phil Mason 7m
Clive Downing 6m
Graham Neild 6m
Jim Eberlin 5m
Cara Hanson 4M
David Hurst 4m
Fran Marshall 4m
Helen Eberlin 4m
Vikki McAuley 4m
Holly Burbridge 3m
Chris Smith 2m
Kim MacPhearson 2m
Billy Costello ?
Charlotte Civico ?
Graham Hague ?
Helen Royles-Jones ?
Martin Downham ?


Full Results: Provided by event organisers

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