Jolly Holly Jog 2023 Race Report and Results

By: Stuart Jones

Race Date: 31/12/2023

Location: Ripon, North Yorkshire

Distance: 10 km

Ripon Runners have been putting on the JHJ for some years, and Ben and I (and often Ian Stinson) have been attending for a dozen years or so. The route had changed a bit last time I was here, and this year it was changed a little more again. It had me thinking about a classic philosophy problem, usually set in ancient Greece.

Theseus had set off on his great voyage, aboard the Argo. It had been constructed by a master of the shipbuilding trade. With each storm or accident the ship encountered, parts needed replacing. The master shipbuilder slowly, piece by piece, upgraded the ship – carved wood was replaced with forged metalwork. In time not one original part remained.

After his twelve-year long adventure Theseus return to his home port, his wife and his anticipated hero’s welcome. His wife protested, demanding to know whose ship he was sailing – he protested that it was his own, of course. And then the shipbuilder turned up, in a ship constructed from all the original pieces of the Argo! He claimed ownership!

Who was right? Was Theseus still sailing the Argo or not?

The grassy knoll I slipped down on my bum, my first year, has gone, as has a car park crossing. The stretch that crosses a number of bridges over the River Skell has also gone, along with the option to use four fords. In its place is a new steep, wet, difficult climb. The start has shifted about quarter of a mile forward across Hell Wath nature reserve.  The mud level remains the same, though, as does the physical challenge. The post Christmas bon homie was as real as ever. It felt like every other Jolly Holly Jog I’ve run. It is, therefore, the Jolly Holly Jog.

If someone joined all the old, discarded, pieces of the route together would that make a second JHJ? An original JHJ? A twin of the JHJ?

In short, the JHJ is still in my top five races OAT (but is not the GOAT).

The race was won by: first male: Liam Aldridge, Billinge RC, in 36:08 , and first female: Ruth Sinclair, Nidd Valley RR, in 42:27

Striders Results:

Pos. Name Cat Net Time Gun Time
14 Ben Jones MV30 41:54:00 41:56:00
235 Stuart Jones MV60 54:18:00 55:24:00

There were 756 finishers from a sold-out entry list of 950.

Full results :

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