Retford Half Marathon 2024 Report and Results

By: Brian Jenkins

Race Date: 10th March, 2024.

Venue: Retford, Nottinghamshire.

This was race #3 of the Striders’ Road Race Leagues / Championships 2024, and so predictably it was on the “to-do” list of many Striders.

This was a race that I had never done before, but consulting with Striders who had done it in the past, I found that they had enjoyed it, and it was relatively flat. This had me sold, and I went online with my credit card to book my place on the start line.

Joining information was received by e-mail. The start was to be at 10:00 and the race numbers were to be picked-up at the school hosting the event, and there was some parking available in the school’s own car park.

I reckoned that arriving an hour earlier should provide sufficient time to claim a space in the school car park and make the important pre-race preparations (including trying not to impale yourself with safety pins). The reality was that I turned-up to the car park just as the entrance was being coned-off to traffic (it had already filled-up). Fortunately other parking was available nearby.

At the school itself, numbers were being handed out in a large hall, it was large warm and dry and provided respite from the drizzle outside. Striders congregated in a corner of the hall (drawn to the club colours) and awaited the time to move out to the start line outside.

Warning: picture may have been manipulated in Photoshop, a bit (perhaps).

The weather had been rather wet of late, but the weather at the start was not too bad, but there were quite a few puddles which provided warning of what was to come.

We were sent off, and after the usual jostling for position, runners settled-down into their chosen paces.

The route itself is a mixture of suburban and rural roads and there were plentiful warnings from the marshals to keep to one side of the road (as some of them were still open to the normal traffic).

Whilst very little of the route was particularly memorable, there were some parts that stuck in the memory. One was the road with puddles of about an inch of standing water. As always in such circumstances, the options included ploughing through and having squelching shoes for a bit, or trying to go round it on the grass which (in this race) had been thoroughly tenderised by the time I got there.

I took the path straight through the water which I thought to be preferable to inching over the slippy mud on the extremities of the mass of water (which a few runners were doing). A runner in front of me, who also chose the direct route, had the bad luck to have found a pothole beneath the surface of the water, he managed to stay upright and regained his composure.

The other memorable section is near the halfway point, an out-and-back section lasting for about a mile in each direction. It was possible to shout encouragement at those further on on their half marathon journey, and once you got to the inevitable road cone (before you get to start the journey back) you had a better idea of how far ahead they really were. Likewise runners on the return journey were more aware of who was snapping at their heels.

The route returned to the school and the finish line. Medals and bottles of water were handed out, and people headed back to that nice warm hall for the goody bag (which contained a drinking bottle) and the bag drop (which promised dry clothes).

Conditions were not too bad (other than some standing water and some drizzle) and although not completely flat, the undulations were not that bad. Surprisingly, many runners (myself and 14 other Striders included) recorded personal bests. So this is a potentially fast course.

The race was won by Samuel Roberts (Retford Athletic and Running Club) in 1:07:13 and Naomi Drakeford (Barnsley Athletic Club) in 01:18:05.

Striders’ Results:

Pos Name Cat Gender Chip Time
40 Rob Ireson V40 M 1:18:50
87 Sian Elizabeth Evans V35 W 1:23:49
92 Paul Hargreaves V40 M 1:24:01
105 Ben Jones SEN M 1:25:23
108 Dennis Richard Hamer V40 M 1:25:41
110 Daniel Cubitt V40 M 1:25:47
121 Tim Erskine V45 M 1:27:19
127 Richard Carter V45 M 1:27:35
142 Michael Richardson V45 M 1:28:37
167 Neil Schofield V50 M 1:30:12
168 Malcolm Baggaley V40 M 1:30:07
179 Richard Somers SEN M 1:31:28
180 Chris Boland V40 M 1:31:32
185 Paddy Treehowes V55 M 1:31:46
190 Hannah Shillitoe V35 W 1:32:19
193 Robert Hoffmann V45 M 1:32:33
194 Alexander Briggs V35 M 1:32:48
198 Adam Brooks SEN M 1:32:40
208 Ian Black V50 M 1:33:28
222 Adam McAuley V50 M 1:35:56
223 Katrina Gillett V35 W 1:35:51
225 Katie Gill V35 W 1:36:16
231 Andy Hinchliffe V60 M 1:36:37
240 Steve Blake V45 M 1:37:32
244 Jacqui Herring V50 W 1:37:31
249 Paul Johnson V40 M 1:37:18
253 Robert Hale SEN M 1:37:28
271 Nicola Ross V40 W 1:39:28
277 Tom Cossham V50 M 1:40:08
295 Brian Jenkins V50 M 1:40:53
313 Kate Scott V60 W 1:42:39
323 Nicola Rafferty V60 W 1:43:13
357 Chris Froud V40 M 1:46:35
360 John Liddle V55 M 1:46:26
398 Martin Downham V60 M 1:49:47
402 Paul Bentley V65 M 1:49:29
408 Kate Waddicor V65 W 1:50:16
413 Sharon Colyer V35 W 1:50:38
424 Samya Armoush V35 W 1:51:25
431 Victoria Johnson SEN W 1:51:51
471 Catherine McKeown V55 W 1:55:50
493 Kevin Haighton V60 M 1:57:29
497 Joanne Cole V40 W 1:57:42
508 Kevin Wong V45 M 1:59:10
509 Jo Gleig V60 W 1:59:07
551 Lucy Mottram V35 W 2:03:23
557 Ruth Thomas V45 W 2:03:44
584 Lisi Briggs V35 W 2:05:49
621 Chris Smith V50 M 2:11:39
625 Caroline Brash V45 W 2:11:49
721 Hannah Wright V35 W 2:29:02


Full Results:

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