Santa Special – Results report (ammended now with added report from Ady Good)

17th December 2023

This is a 4.5 mile two lap off road route from Kimberworth, run by Kimberworth Striders for the reasonable entry fee of £5 if UK Athletics registered, £7 if not.

There was also a request to bring food items for a social supermarket in Rotherham

Ady’s report

Sorry its a bit late, I usually only write reports about races I enjoyed and I certainly did not enjoy this one.

Kimberworth Striders Santa Special 17th Dec 2023 was the 11th and penultimate race in the KMR series, It is held by Kimberworth Striders and takes place around the woods next to Millmoor Juniors training ground, The same venue as the Kimmy kanter but a lot tougher route. Its 2 laps of pure Hell and measures 4.5 miles. It was my final race of The year and took place the weekend before Christmas.
Getting to the start line was a challenge in itself down a slippy muddy path and a climb over some rocks. It started on a little wooded path, there was plenty of Christmas spirit and plenty of Christmas fancy dress.
The gun fired and we were off into the woods. The first half mile was quite pleasant although muddy and uneven underfoot. We then got directed left to what can only be described as a muddy cliff climb. Not sure the trail shoes really helped I would have been better with a pair of Hiking boots.
It then flattened out for about half a mile then another almighty climb but at least this one had steps to help you up.
Was slightly downhill after this through the woods but my legs were aching so much from the climbs that I’d stopped caring and just wanted it over.(which cant be good when you not even half way round) We then entered a muddy grassy field which again was uphill. We then came out of the field and in to a complete mud bath slipping and sliding all over. I was half expecting Shrek to pop up and say “Get out of my Swamp”.
We cruelly then went passed the finish line and down a very muddy slippery path to begin lap 2. The highlight of the race was a little girl (lily) singing Jingle Bells down a megaphone as we started the 2nd lap.
The 2nd lap was pretty much the same as the first but maybe a little bit more muddier and slippery due to all the runners having ran through it twice.
The finish line was a very welcoming sight.
Talk about saving the worst till last, I have really enjoyed doing the KMR series but this one was by far the worst. On a plus side by me doing it meant I was guaranteed 2nd place in the series for my age category MV40, I didn’t get anything for 2nd but I still see it as a great achievement and a great end of the year for me.
Winner was Luke Davis of Maltby RC 29:58
First lady Catherine Eddison Rotherham Harriers 36:02

Striders result

Position Name Time
6 Nick Booker 33:52:00
15 Paddy Treehowes 37:53:00
44 Tom Cossham 43:53:00
54 Sarah Percival 45:32:00
72 Christine Booth 50:19:00
84 Zoe Pellegrina 53:03:00
86 Simon Gleadhall 53:18:00
91 Adrian Good 56:15:00

Full results

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