South Yorkshire Orienteering Series 8 – Graves Park result

Race Date: Saturday 18th May 2024

Race Distance – 5.1 miles

This is one of our Saturday Series of events aimed at introducing adult and junior newcomers to orienteering. Running alongside the public event is the very popular SFSS schools’ league. There are also green and blue courses which take in the intricate contoured area in Cobnar Woods for more experienced orienteers. Non-members are very welcome.

Course descriptions state:

Green G12
 4 As techincally difficult as the area allows but avoids the most physically difficult terrain.
Blue B12
 4 As for the Green but longer and hillier..

Strider Matt Gibson took part in the Blue event and finished in 26th place and told me he covered 5.1 miles in 83.01 minutes. As that equates to 8km, I assume he got a bit lost 🙂

Full results: here

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