The Vale of York 5 and 10 Mile 2024 Race Report and Results

Race Date: Sunday 17th March 2024
Race Report by: Lucy Broom

The things I’ll do for a club record…

Like get up at the crack of dawn, to run around an airfield in West Yorkshire, in the pouring rain.  A conversation with two non-running friends in the pub the night before, went something like this:

Me: “I’m getting up at 6, to drive to York, to run 5 miles” (cue bemused looks). 

Them: “That’s a long way to go to run 5 miles. York though, that’ll be nice. Very scenic. Will you make a day of it and do some shopping? (my turn to look bemused). 

Me: “No, it’s on an airfield outside York. Easy parking, no crowds, dull scenery. My ideal kind of race.” (more bemused looks). And so on… 

The Vale of York 10 mile is advertised as a ‘fast, flat 10 mile PB waiting to happen’. The 5 mile distance is a recent addition, because why not. After the stress of trying to park in Leicester city centre for the 10K recently (their suggested multi story was closed on arrival, due to open an hour after race start), it was a relief to park on a huge runway, right next to number collection, toilets and the start. The 5 mile course loops around the airfield, before heading out onto closed rural roads. The 10 mile is the same, twice. 

We huddled at the start, keen to get going.  The weather was horrible – heavy rain with lashings of head wind; and, as so often, I questioned my life choices. Those of us standing near the start didn’t hear any of the race briefing, as the man and his megaphone were positioned halfway down the pack, pointing away from us. There were some detailed instructions about the 5 mile and 10 mile splitting, and which way to turn, and definitely NOT turn, but we were all none-the-wiser and could only hope that the marshalling would be good, which thankfully, it was. 

I had low expectations for the club record, based on recent disappointing 10K times, and so it wasn’t an easy one to pace. It didn’t start well – mile 1: too fast, mile 2: too slow, by mile 3: talking myself out of it. But then, a gift! When the two distances split, a marshal told me I was 3rd female, and pride kicked in. I could see 4th female not far behind and the race was on! I gave everything to hold on to a podium spot (they don’t come around very often these days).  Coming back into the airfield, record all but written off, it was a lovely surprise to see the gantry clock tick over to 33 minutes (I needed sub 33:33), which made for an enjoyable run down the finishing strait, knowing I’d got it. A little air punch crossing the line and the job was done!  My take home from this race is that it is SO much more motivating to be ‘racing’ against others, than running against your watch in a time trial. 

5 mile

The women’s race was won by Jessica Hoar, Vale of York Athletic Community. 31:53 (C). The men’s race was won by Arun Dight, Vale Royal. 25:54 (C).

Striders results:

Position Name Category Time
18 Lucy Broom F50 00:33:17

Placing third female and first F50.

10 mile

The women’s race was won by Sophie Martin, Wharfedale Harriers. 103.31. The men’s race was won by Sam Robins, Chapel Allerton Runners. 53.59 (C). 

Full results can be viewed here.

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