Urban Night Series Race 5 – The Tipsy Sportsman 2024 Results

Report by: Matt Gibson

Race Date: Wednesday 21st February 2024

In this race, as all the others, you set off from and return to Tim’s garage (Commonside).

There were 20 pubs on the map at varying distances away and as such are awarded varying points, double points awarded for drinking a pint at the chosen establishment, 50% more points for drinking a half pint.

Amass as many points as you can and return within the 100 minute time limit (you lose 5 points per minute late).  Only stipulation being that you must visit the one “Sportsman” pub listed.

Two Striders were in attendance.

Richard Pegg – 5 pubs and a pint in each covering 6 miles
Matt Gibson – 10 pubs but just the 1 pint covering 8.8 miles (for LDS purposes).

Photo of the full results below or look at the original on the URBAN NIGHTS facebook page.

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