Terms and Conditions for Percy Pud 10k Participants

Organiser: Steel City Striders Running Club

1.Entry Fee
The entry fee for the Percy Pud 10k is as detailed on the online entry form. THE ENTRY FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

2.Entry Policy
Under UK Athletics (UKA) Rules and Regulations for 10k races, the minimum age for participants is 15 (fifteen) years of age. All participants under the age of 18 (eighteen) years must obtain parental consent in order to register and participate in the race.

3. Participants enter the Percy Pud 10k entirely at their own risk
The Organiser shall not be liable for any injury or loss occurring as a result of participation in the Percy Pud 10k. (including, without limitation, any losses resulting from the Organiser’s negligence), provided that nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or limit the Organiser’s liability for death or personal injury resulting from the Organiser’s negligence or for any other type of liability that cannot be excluded by law.

4. Medical Conditions
4a) It is recommended that the Participant prepares and trains for the Percy Pud 10k. The Participant is advised to consult with their medical practitioner prior to entry to the race if they have not exercised for some time. If the Participant has a medical condition it MUST be detailed on the reverse of the race number.
4b) The Participant agrees that, as far as they are aware, they are physically able to compete in the Percy Pud 10k and, to the extent that it may be necessary they have sought and relied upon any medical advice before the date of the race. Should any medical or physical condition arise prior to the race, the Participant should withdraw from the race.
4c) The Participant consents to any medical treatment being administered during the race by official medically-qualified personnel.
4d) The Organiser may prevent the Participant from taking part in the race (either at the start or during the race) if the Organiser or any medical representative considers that the Participant should not participate in the race for health and medical reasons.

5. Race Numbers
5a) All Participants must clearly display the number allocated to them on the front of their vest/ t-shirt etc throughout the Race.
5b) Race entries cannot be assigned or transferred other than through the official entry site, as this may result in delay or difficulty in the event of an emergency. THE LAST DATE FOR SUCH ACTION IS THE WEDNESDAY PRIOR TO THE RACE DATE.
5c) Race number/ information (race pack) will be posted to the Participant prior to the race to the address provided upon completion of the entry form.
5d) The Organisers accept no responsibility for the non-delivery of the race packs. If the Participant does not receive their race pack prior to the race, it is their responsibility to contact the race entry company as stated on the race entry site. THIS MUST BE NO LATER THAN SIX WORKING DAYS BEFORE THE RACE DATE. Whereupon arrangements can be made regarding the issue of another race pack.
5e) Race numbers cannot be collected on the day of the Race.

6. No Animals
Participants are NOT PERMITTED TO RUN WITH PETS or any other animals in the race.

7. Aided Participants / Wheelchairs
For those Participants who are aided around the course, either by being pushed or assisted by a guide runner, the guide runner must also be a registered participant in the race.

8. Health and Safety
8b) Bikes, Scooters, Roller Skates, or any kind of mechanical aid (except wheelchairs) are strictly prohibited from the race course during the race.
8c) The Participant must ensure that they have the correct footwear and clothing for the race.
8d) The Organiser may at any time during the race or prior to the race prevent the Participant from participating in the race. If it considers such action is necessary for the safety and enjoyment of other participants.
8e) All decisions and rulings by the Organiser shall be final in respect of the safety, running and organisation of the race, the rules of the race, the finish times and positions. The Participant accepts that circumstances concerning the race may change for reasons beyond the reasonable control of the Organiser.

9. Postponement due to the Weather
9a) The Participant is aware that with the race being held on the first Sunday in December it may be subject to extreme weather conditions. If The Met Office is giving out a snow warning for the weekend of the race day. The Organiser will consult with Sheffield Council, Police and UK Athletics and this may lead to the race being postponed. This would be announced on the Organisers Web and social media sites.
9b) If the race is postponed due to the above, the Organiser shall not be liable to Participants for any losses incurred as a result.
9c) After consultation with Sheffield Council, Police and UK Athletics the Organiser will endeavour to re arrange the race for the next available Sunday.
9d) Should the Participant be unable to attend the new date see (1. Entry Fee), they agree to their Christmas Pudding being donated to a local charity.
9e) The Participant agrees to abide by any changes and acknowledges that any decision is entirely at the absolute discretion of the Organisers.

10. Data Protection
The Participant agrees to the Organiser storing his/her personal information and using this information for the purpose of organising the Race. As required by the Race entry / timing and results company to send race number / information / finish time & results.
The Participant data will not be passed on to any third party other than in a medical emergency on the day of the event. .
Should any participant not wish their data to be used for this purpose after the race they should contact the organiser.

11. Use of Image
The Participant consents to the Event being filmed, recorded or exploited by means of television, film, video or some other broadcast or media format and agrees to the use and reproduction of his/her name, likeness, appearance and photograph. All such commercial rights belong entirely to the Organiser and participant has no proprietary rights in relation to any film, photograph or other such recorded media.

12. Baggage Storage
All personal items of clothing/ baggage may left in the marquee, however the Organisers and Officials do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the safe keeping or storage of these items which are deposited in the marquee entirely at the risk of the Participant.

13. First Aid
The Organiser shall endeavour to ensure that appropriate First Aid assistance will be available for the duration of the race. There will be a First Aid point at the start/finish area, along with First Aid attendants and ambulance along the course. Volunteers and Marshals in attendance at the race are not medically trained and will not give medical assistance other than requesting for Medical assistants to attend.

14. Race Time
The Organiser will use its reasonable endeavours to provide the Participant with a finish time save that the Organiser shall not be responsible for any anomaly or technical malfunction in relation to the same.

15. Race Photographs
The race Organiser may, acting in its sole discretion allow the use of race photographers to capture images of all Participants, however, the Organiser is unable to offer any guarantee in this regard. Online purchase of said photographs would be purely between Participant and Photographer and the Organiser accepts no responsibility for any purchase transaction.

16. Rules
The Participant agrees to abide by all applicable rules and regulations imposed by the Organiser or UK Athletics that oversees the running of the race. The Participant will not be entitled to a refund of any entry fee if they are disqualified from the event due any infringement of these conditions or any rules or regulations.

17. Limitation of Liability
17a) Subject to condition 17b the Organisers total liability, whether in contract, including negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise in respect of any losses arising out of or in connection with the Race, shall be limited to a sum equal to the total entry fee paid by the Participant to the Organiser.
17b) Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit or exclude the Organisers liability in respect of death or personal injury resulting from its negligence, fraud or fraudulent representation, or any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law.
17c) The Participant agrees to indemnify the Organiser in relation to any claims, action, liabilities or losses resulting from any breach of these terms and conditions.
17d) The Organiser shall not be liable for any pledges made by the Participant to any charity.
17e) Except in respect of losses relating to death or personal injury resulting from the Organisers negligence.
17f) The Participant confirms that they have personal accident insurance cover for any accident and loss whilst running and competing in events such as the Percy Pud 10k

18. Disclaimer
18a) The Participant accepts all conditions of entry set out herein or notified to them prior to the race or displayed at the race or any instruction given to them by the Organiser or Officials of the race. The Participant acknowledges that the Organiser and Officials of the Race shall (subject to condition 16 above) have no liability for any loss or damage they may suffer (including but not limited to travelling to and from the race and during the race).
18b) The Participant agrees that it is their total responsibility to be vigilant whilst running, for road drainage grates, manhole covers, road cats eye markers, curb stone edgeing, traffic cones, chip timing mats at the start & finish, within the grassed finish area, marquees and whilst using the toilets (SEE 3)
18c) The Organiser accepts no liability for the state or condition for the race road surface and grassed finishing areas, and the Participant should ensure that they are satisfied with the state and condition of the surface of the route before commencing the race.