We haven’t run the Striders XC Champs race as a standalone event since 2013. Instead, we have used an existing XC race (SY league event, Sheffield open XC etc) as the Striders XC Champs race. For 2022 we will use the final SY XC race (new date: 21 Jan 23 – Longley Park) as the Striders Champs race.

Striders Cross Country Championship Race
A Sunday in October, Graves Park, 11am

The club has traditionally organised an annual club cross country championship race. For many years this took place around the christmas/new year period in Graves Park; the actual route varying from year to year though the distance was usually between 4 and 6 miles in length. Between the 2004/05 and 2006/2007 seasons Striders held a joint club championship race with members of City of Sheffield AC/Sheffield Running Club. For 2007/2008 and 2008/09 the club championship race was incorporated in the open cross country race organised by Sheffield R.C. In 2009/10 the race was moved from its traditional date and now takes place in mid October as a standalone event. The women complete 3 laps (4.2 miles) and the men run 4 laps (5.6 miles).

The race is open to all members of Steel City Striders and their guests and is free to enter. The course is 5.6 miles long for men and 4.2 miles for women and will be relatively straightforward (ie some hills but no really sharp ones and all on grass!). It is designed to be accessible to all members – experienced and new runners alike. You don’t need any special shoes, road shoes will suffice. It is a great warm up for the South Yorkshire X-Country season which usually starts a week or two after the race.

Race numbers will be distributed at club training venues over the weeks prior to the race and entries will be also taken on the day near the start/finish area. The club tent will be available to store your gear during the race. The changing, shower and toilet facilities in the nearby pavilion will be booked for use by all runners before and after the race. The start/finish will be in the north east corner of Graves Park near to the football pavilion at the top of Derbyshire Lane. Volunteers will be required to turn up at 10.00am to help set up the course and put up the club tent. There will be a buffet a local pub after the race.

The male age categories are: senior; vets over 40; vets over 50 and vets over 60. The female age categories are: senior; vets over 40; vets over 50 and vet s over 60. Trophies and prizes for the leading Striders in each category are be presented at the club A.G.M. in March following the race.